Marui Cylinder End Grinder - Triple Hi Kenma - Hylec Controls
Marui Cylinder End Grinder - Triple Hi Kenma - Hylec Controls
Marui Cylinder End Grinder - Triple Hi Kenma - Hylec Controls
Marui Concrete End Sample Grinder (shown with Hylec Control's Water Recirculation Tank'

Marui Cylinder End Grinder - Triple Hi Kenma

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Marui Cylinder End Grinder: This is the ultimate example of the specimen end grinding machine. This machine grinds three specimen end surfaces at one time automatically. It is a successful and reliable machine to reduce manpower, work time, and space to 1/3.


  • Test cylinder diameters: 50, 100, 125, 150mm
  • Throughput rate: Approx. 45 cylinders/hr (25Mpa concrete, 100mm dia. cylinders)
  • Cycle Time: Approx. 4 minutes for 3 x 100mm dia. cylinders
  • Loading and Unloading: Manual
  • Grinding cycle: Automatic or Manual
  • Grinding disc life: 25,000 – 60,000 cylinders (on 25Mpa concrete)
  • Ground surface: Flat within ± 0.05mm, as demanded by AS1012.9
  • Typically ~ ± 0.025mm
  • Grinding Rate: 1mm/min on automatic or manual feed, based on 100mm dia. cylinders
  • Wheel mechanism: Electrically controlled swing arc movement
  • Wheel speed: 1800 rpm
  • Services required:
  • Power: 3ph 415V 0.75kW
  • Cooling Water: 2-3lpm
  • Weight of machine: 240kg, wheel mounted


  • Any three specimens with different heights ground at the same time
  • Obviously recognizable capping finish
  • Safe and quick work


Standards JIS A 1132
Applicable specimens ・φ 100 × H 200 mm x 3
・φ 125 × H 250 mm x 2, φ 150 × H 300 mm x 2
Grinding revolution speed 1900r/min (60 Hz)
Grinding method Diamond wheel grinding with water
Grinding structure Electric pendulum sectorial movement right angle grinding
Grinding feeding Automatic feeding, automatic stop by timer
Power supply Three phase 200 V 0.75 kW
Accessories Safety cover