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M028E Electronic automatic penetrometer

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M028E Electronic automatic penetrometer

The electronic automatic penetrometer measures and records on a continuous gradual increase of the consistency of the dough cement or any other similar material.

A needle with an appropriate form to ensure a constant friction surface, is able to penetrate slowly in a mass, provided that it applies a force equal to the resistance that opposes the movement. In the automatic recording pentrometer, is not the needle that sinks into the specimen, but the the specimen that rises towards the needle on which, initially, no force is applied. In spite of the fact that the relevant movement of the two elements is very slow (and therefore imperceivable), there is a moment in which the consistency reached by the specimen is sufficient to drag the needle, that starts rising. The needle is connected with a 5000 g load cell. The acquisition and management system is managed by a microprocessor with LCD display for displaying the value of load in real time, the initial and final setting time. The software give the possibility to view in real time the Load/time curve (CHART) and record the values in ACCESS format (.MDB) and print the test certify with the graphic of the curve.

Technical characteristics:

  • Maximum force cell Resolution - 5 kg 0.002 kg
  • Speed of climb of sample - 3 mm/h
  • Maximum test time - 12 h
  • Dimensions Width x Depth x Height - 320 x 180 x 430 mm
  • Weight - 11 kg
  • Power Supply - 240V 1ph 50Hz + T