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Lid Film Heat Seal Tester GBB-A3

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Explore the cutting-edge Lid Film Heat Seal Tester, our GBB-A3 model at Hylec Controls, designed to precisely measure crucial heat-sealing parameters including temperature, time, and pressure. The performance of heat-sealing varies among different material samples, and our tester ensures accurate determination of optimal heat-sealing conditions.

Testing Principle Fit suitable clamps to the lower plate, place the sample, set required parameters, and initiate the instrument. In manual mode, step on the foot switch for heat-sealing, while automatic mode ensures repeated heat-sealing based on the set time.

Standards Compliant with ASTM F 2029, QB/T 2358-1998, YBB00122003-2015.


  • Temperature Range: Room temperature~250℃
  • Temperature Control Accuracy: ±1℃
  • Heat Sealing Time: 0.1s~99.99h
  • Heat Sealing Pressure: (0~1) MPa
  • Operating Mode: Automatic, manual
  • Air Source: Compressed air
  • Instrument Dimension: 730(L) mm×400(B) mm×535(H) mm
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Power: 1200 W
  • Power Supply: AC 220V, 50Hz


  1. Pull Sample Loading Method The lower pallet with a double-layer stacking design allows convenient and safe sample loading.

  2. High-Precision Quality Temperature Sensor Utilises a high-precision temperature sensor with PID algorithm temperature control for ±1°C accuracy, ensuring stability and reliability.

  3. Individualised Test Selection Offers the option of manual or automatic tests. Automatic mode saves time and ensures repeatable and fully automatic heat-sealing, while manual mode with a foot switch provides easy and safe operation.

  4. New Air Drive System The drive system, consisting of a pressure gauge, pressure regulating valve, and cylinder, allows precise pressure adjustment and efficient pneumatic-driven heat-sealing fixture.

  5. Extensive Customisation Services Fixtures can be tailored to incoming samples, and the heat-sealing bar can be upgraded to include an anti-sticking function. Customisable shape, size, and smoothness of the sealing bar heating cover meet diverse scientific research needs.


  • Jelly Cup
  • Yogurt Cup
  • Coffee Capsule
  • Medical Blister Box Packaging

Unlock precise heat-sealing insights with the GBB-A3 Lid Film Heat Seal Tester, offering advanced features and customisation for diverse applications. Trust Hylec Controls for innovative testing solutions.