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Leakage Tester GB-M3

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Introducing the GB-M3 Leakage Tester by Hylec Controls – an advanced solution equipped with a high-precision electronic pressure sensor for measuring means. Through microcomputer control, this tester conducts comprehensive vacuum, compressed air, and positive and negative pressure cycle tests. It efficiently compares and evaluates the sealing process and performance of soft packaging, providing a scientific foundation for determining relevant technical requirements. Tailored for the food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, and other industries, the GB-M3 is ideal for soft packaging parts' sealing performance tests.

Principle Sealing performance is assessed by subjecting the sample to vacuum negative pressure or pressurising it with compressed air, creating internal and external pressure differences. Observing gas escape or water infiltration inside the sample determines its sealing performance.

Standard Compliant with ASTM D3078, ASTM F2096.

Technical Parameters

  • Vacuum Range: -(0~90)KPa
  • Maximum Input Pressure: 1000 Kpa
  • Resolution Rate: 0.1KPa
  • Separation Pressure Holding Time: 1s~999s
  • Sample Space: Φ 120 mm×300 mm
  • Instrument Size: (320×305×170) mm
  • Power: 220 V, 50 Hz

Product Features

  1. Positive and Negative Pressure Automatic Test Set parameters such as vacuum, negative pressure, positive pressure, holding time, and cycle, enabling automatic testing, vacuuming, pressurisation, maintaining set time, and automatic stop.

  2. High-Quality Imported Accessories, Quality Assurance Built-in original inlet pressure sensor with high sensitivity for real-time monitoring of intake pressure.

  3. Excellent Appearance, Easy Operation The host features a 7-inch high-resolution color LCD screen with clear views, sensitive point control, and user-friendly operation.

  4. Intelligent Operating System, Global Certification Designed according to GMP appendix computer system standards, offering flexible test process parameter settings to meet diverse standard requirements. Includes audit tracking for data traceability and system operation privileges at different levels.

  5. Personalised Test Report and Data Output Supports on-demand test report customisation, various data output formats, electronic signature function, and online audit report submission.


  • Paper Plastic Composite Packaging: Sealing test for paper-plastic composite bags and boxes.
  • Plastic Packaging: Overall sealing test for plastic bottles, tubes, cans, and boxes.

Experience advanced technology, superior features, and precision with the GB-M3 Leakage Tester from Hylec Controls. Elevate your industry standards with innovation.