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Leakage Tester GB-M2

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Introducing the GB-M2 Leaking/Sealing Tester from Hylec Controls – a cutting-edge solution leveraging compressed air and a high-precision electronic pressure sensor for evaluating the sealing process and performance of flexible packages. With microcomputer control, this advanced tester not only compares and assesses sealing effectiveness but also provides critical scientific information to determine relevant technical requirements. Tailored for the sealing performance test of flexible packages, it finds applications in the food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, and various other industries.

Test Principle Evacuating the vacuum chamber induces a pressure difference between the inside and outside, enabling observation of gas escape or water infiltration in the water-immersed sample, facilitating accurate judgment of the sample's sealing performance.

Standard Compliant with ASTM D3078.


  • Vacuum Degree: -(0~90)KPa
  • Vacuum Precision: ±1%
  • Vacuum Keeping Time: 1s~99h59m59s
  • Vacuum Chamber Available Size: Standard (Ф270*270) mm
  • Vacuum Tank Size: Standard (Ф300300) mm, Other sizes optional or customized: middle Ф450350, large Ф600*500
  • Intake Pressure: (0.6~0.8)MPa
  • Power Supply: 220 V, 50 Hz
  • Instrument Size: (317×305×170) mm
  • Power: 220V,50Hz


  1. High-Quality Accessories, Quality Assurance: The built-in high-precision pressure sensor ensures real-time monitoring of intake pressure, guaranteeing quality assurance.

  2. Fully Automatic Operating System Set vacuum degree and holding time as needed; the instrument operates fully automatically, including testing, automatic vacuuming, holding the set time, automatic stop, and inflation return.

  3. New Air Circuit System Pneumatically driven with compressed air, ensuring quick inflation and return to position while maintaining consistent internal and external air pressures.

  4. Excellent Appearance and Convenient Operation The host features a 7-inch high-resolution color LCD screen, offering clear views, sensitive touch controls, and easy operation. The instrument has its own operating system, allowing independent testing from the computer with automatic data processing.

Application Ideal for various flexible packages in different industries:

  • Paper-Plastic Composite Packaging: Sealability test for paper-plastic composite bags and boxes.
  • Plastic Packaging: Integral tightness test for plastic bottles, tubes, cans, and boxes.

Experience superior performance, advanced features, and precise results with the GB-M2 Leaking/Sealing Tester from Hylec Controls. Choose innovation for your industry needs.