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Mounting presses quickly realize perfect inclusions of metallographic samples with any type of thermosetting or thermoplastic resin. The entire work cycle is managed by an easily programmable microprocessor. The wide range of machines allows fulfilling any need of the metallurgical laboratory.

The machine is characterized by a fully automatic mounting cycle governed by a special electronic control unit with microprocessor in compliance with EC standards and control on an LCD display. Oven-painted sheet metal body supported by anti-vibration feet. Interchangeable mounting unit (from diam. 25 to 50 mm), made of non-deformable steel for high-resistance tempered molds.

When the mounting unit is inserted, the machine automatically recognizes the specimen diameter and reconfigures it according to the preset cycle. Internal surfaces lapped with reduced tolerances to prevent resin leakage and guarantee maximum repeatability and smoothness. Closing system of the embedding unit with three-principles threading to guarantee a safe and extremely rapid closure.

When the press is opened, the closing system is raised and rotates to completely free access to the mold opening. Safety device that does not allow the start of the process to an open mounting unit. Possibility of preparing two samples simultaneously, by means of a special spacer for the double sample, with a guarantee of temperature uniformity during the heating and cooling phases.

Dust protection around the mounting cylinder.
Work force, supplied by an electro-hydraulic control unit, adjustable from 0 to 50 kN, which allows an adjustable pressure in the mounting cylinder from 0 to 100 Mpa. Heating system through armored resistance in intimate contact with the embedding unit to guarantee maximum heating speed, temperature control and uniformity and energy savings. Embedding chamber temperature sensor with real-time display on the 7 inch LCD display. Preheating function for molding with thermoplastic resins.

Cooling system of the unit controlled by an electro-valve, with flow regulation for water saving and for different cooling gradients depending on the type of material and resin (continuous flow, rapid intermittent flow or slow). Control of work parameters by microprocessor with setting via touch-screen on LCD screen.

Parameters that can be set and displayed: Pre-heating: temperature, time and work force. Incorporation: temperature, time and work force. Cooling temperature. Type of cooling. Selection of the incorporation cycle. Machine management software with database composed of pre-set standard incorporation methods and methods decided by the user for various types of materials and resins (max 100 total programs).

Conformity to CE standards.
The machine is supplied with a kit consisting of: 1 kg black phenolic resin, 1 kg red phenolic resin, graduated beaker for resin dosage, connection pipes to the water network, instruction manual in Italian or English.

Technical data Compupres
Mounting diameters (mm) from 25 to 50
Max Temperature (°C) 200
Working time (min) from 1 to 99
Max Recipe storage +99
Total power (W) 1000
Power supply (V) 220 – 1ph
Weight (kg) 50
Dimensions (mm) LxDxH 530 x 600 x 510