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Internal Bond Tester - IBT

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INTERNAL BOND TESTER model IBT. The method to determine of the internal bond strength of single and multi-ply paper and paperboard by dynamics delaminating Scott Bond method according TAPPI T569 om-09.

Standard Features:

  • Sample preparation integrated for 5 samples simultaneous (bonding, pressing, cutting)
  • Processor controlled clamping pressure and press time
  • 4 measuring ranges approx. 52,5 J/m2 to 2100 J/m2 (Scott bond low and high included)
  • Statistic function (AVG – average value, DEV – standard deviation)
  • Selective indication of measurements in: J/m2, ft-lb/ or mJ/
  • Monitoring of the climatic conditions
  • Output of measuring data and parameters to PC
  • Self calibrating
  • Automatic pendulum test according to DIN 51 222
  • Digital reading
  • Includes Cable and Test Software