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Intelligent Gravimetric Method WVTR Tester W301 2.0

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Presenting the W301 2.0 Gravimetric Method Water Vapour Permeability Analyser, built upon the gravimetric method (weight loss) testing principle. Meticulously crafted in adherence to standards such as GB/T 1037, ASTM E96, and more, this analyser is tailored for the water vapour transmission performance assessment of films, sheets, paper, packaging, and related materials across diverse industries including food, medicine, medical equipment, daily chemicals, and photovoltaic electronics. Offering a wide-range, high-efficiency water vapour transmission rate detection, it caters to high, medium, and low water vapour barrier materials.

Test Principle Distilled water is added to the clean moisture-permeable cup, sealed with a pre-treated sample, and placed in the test chamber. By controlling temperature and humidity, the analyser measures the weight loss of the distilled water over time, deriving parameters such as the sample's moisture permeability.

Standards GB/T 1037, GB/T 16928, ASTM E96/E96M, ASTM D1653, TAPPI T464, ISO 2528, DIN 53122-1, JIS Z0208, YBB 00092003

Technical Parameters

  • Test Range: 0.1~10000 g/(m²·24h)
  • Test Precision: 0.0001 g/(m²·24h)
  • Temperature Range: 15~55℃
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±0.1℃
  • Humidity Range: ≤10%RH
  • Humidity Accuracy: ±2%RH
  • Test Area: 50.24 cm²
  • Sample Size: Φ90 mm
  • Sample Thickness: ≤3mm
  • Number of Sample Samples: 1 piece
  • Power: 450 W
  • Power Supply: AC 220 V, 50 Hz
  • Size: 380mm545mm315mm


  • High precision load cell equipped with a weighing sensor for efficient and stable performance.
  • Single chamber design for high-throughput testing with a measuring range of 0.1~10000 g/(m²·24h).
  • Exquisite 3D printed shell for an aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  • Fully automatic operation with real-time visualisation of curves, supporting preview hidden function.
  • Intelligent operating system with modular graphics and flexible test process parameters.
  • Professional calibration service for accurate and reliable data.

Laboratory Intelligent IoT Platform

  • Connectivity to the IoT platform for digital network management.
  • Remote authorisation for managing experimental data, remote diagnosis, and troubleshooting.
  • Downloadable instrument materials, documents, and operation videos on the platform.

Application Areas

  • Film: Water vapour transmittance test of various plastic films, composite films and degradable packaging films.
  • Sheet: Water vapour transmittance test of solid pharmaceutical hard sheets, metal composite sheets and rubber sheets.
  • Paper, Cardboard and Composites: Water vapour transmittance test of coated paper, silicone paper, aluminised paper for cigarette packs, paper aluminum-plastic composite sheets, and more.
  • Medicinal Patches: Water vapour transmission performance test of medical plasters.
  • Package: Customisable fixtures for testing pharmaceutical polyethylene bottles, sealed bags, pharmaceutical ointment tubes, infusion hoses, plastic trays, etc.

Factory Configuration

  • Standard Configuration: Power cord, weighing pan + syringe, moisture permeable cup, sampler, sealing grease, standard weight, 4A molecular sieve, serial port cable, Allen wrench, mouse, 125μm standard film, wire and aviation socket welding components, Phillips screwdriver.
  • Optional: Computer, calibration certificate.


Technical parameters

Test range

0.1~10000 g/(m2·24h)

Test precision

0.0001 g/(m2·24h)


Temperature range


Temperature accuracy


Humidity range


Humidity accuracy


Test area

50.24 cm2

Sample size

Φ90 mm

Sample thickness


Number of sample


1 piece


450 W

Power supply

AC 220 V,50 Hz