Infrared Method Water Vapour Permeability Analyser W401L - Hylec Controls
Infrared Method Water Vapour Permeability Analyser W401L - Hylec Controls

Infrared Method Water Vapour Permeability Analyser W401L

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Introducing the W401L Infrared Method Water Vapor Permeability Analyser by Hylec Controls. This high-end precision packaging material testing instrument, developed and upgraded by GBPI's Research and Development Team, adheres to ASTM, GB standards, and market demands. Specifically designed for the water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) performance test, it caters to films, sheets, papers, packages, and various materials in industries such as food, medicine, medical equipment, daily chemistry, and photovoltaic electronics.

Key Features

  • Test Principle

    • Adopts the infrared method for precise WVTR measurement.
    • Utilises a humidity gradient to measure water vapor transmission from the high-humidity side to the low-humidity side.
  • Specifications

    • Test Range: 0.01 to 200 g/(m2·24h)
    • Resolution: 0.0001 g/(m2·24h)
    • Temperature Control Range: 15 to 45℃
    • Humidity Control Range: (5 to 90)%RH, 100%RH
    • Permeable Area: 50.24 cm2
    • Sample Size: Φ100 mm
    • Sample Thickness: ≤3 mm
    • Carrier Gas: 99.999% Nitrogen (user-provided)
  • Features

    • Patented high-precision infrared moisture sensor with ultra-stability and a resolution of up to 0.0001 g/(m2·24h).
    • Accurate and reliable test data with precise control of temperature and humidity.
    • Ultra-wide test range [0.01 to 200 g/(m2·24h)] for various barrier materials.
    • Intelligent operating system with a modular design for flexible test parameter settings.
    • Calibration using a self-developed national standard material ensures accurate and reliable data.
  • Application

    • Suitable for water vapor transmittance tests on plastic films, composite films, solid pharmaceutical sheets, paper, cardboard, medicinal patches, and diverse packaging.
  • Factory Configuration

    • Standard configuration includes power cord, communication line, sample cutter, sealing grease, and more.
    • Optional components such as a computer, metrology certificate, and air compressor are available.
  • Service Commitment

    • Free packaging inspection technical support, one-year warranty, free software upgrades, and lifetime technical support.
    • Free training at the factory, instrument "trade-in" policy, and backup instruments in case of failure.
    • Testing center (CNAS L8185) for incoming sample testing and comparison services.
    • Reference Standards Development Center for calibration services.