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Industrial Hydraulic Actuators

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The essential advantage of industrial hydraulic actuators is their ability to continuously and simultaneously provide full power at full speed – without any negative effects on the service life. All cylinders of Hänchen’s 120 and 300 series also feature a characteristic compact construction.

The requirements for industrial hydraulic cylinders vary depending on the ambient conditions in the place of application:

  • icy coldness or extreme heat,
  • scrupulous cleanliness or grime and oil wherever you look,
  • high irregular speeds or slow and steady movement,
  • for testing or manufacturing

No matter under which conditions an industrial hydraulic actuator cylinder should work for you, we make it possible. With a complete system that is custom-made for your requirements.

Hänchen offers services that go far beyond the product “industrial hydraulic cylinder”:

  • consulting service on site
  • engineering of complex drive systems
  • mounting elements
  • preliminary and final start-up