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Immersion Test Tank Systems

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Singleton Corporation has introduced a line of immersion test tanks for water immersion, salt solution, immersion or other electrolyte solution testing. The tanks meet ASTM D870 specifications for water immersion testing as well as other similar test specifications.

Long lasting performance and structural integrity is assured through the use of Fuse-Fab® fusion welded polypropylene. A removable cover is provided to protect the solution from contamination when not in use. Available optional equipment includes heaters, air agitation, and specimen support racks.

Singleton tanks are made with premium grade, high temperature polypropylene construction assuring quality and durability. Fuse-Fab® construction joins sections of plastic material, in a controlled thermal process, creating a single uniform cross-section. The result is a seamless tank with tremendous strength and integrity.

Tank rim, supports and side ribs are available with Steel-Core® construction, eliminating warping and parts loss while enhancing overall durability. Steel-Core® encapsulated reinforcing provides superior strength and extended service life to every Singleton processing tank.

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