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Hylec Water Recirculation Tank System

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This water recirculation system will work with one or two grinders and has a 325L tank, 25LPM recirculation pump, 5 micron filter on pump outlet, adjustable needle valve for flow control, two fixed baffles, one on inlet to direct return flow to bottom of tank and one on outlet attached to bottom of tank to form a weir over which the water flows to the pump inlet and two removable baffles attached to a perforated top plate to ensure uniform upward water flow. This arrangement provides maximum waste sedimentation and less than 10% of waste passes over to be captured in the delivery line filter.

A clean water supply to grinder prevents the water solenoid valve from becoming contaminated and failing, rotary joint failure or clogging of the water spray nozzle or its hollow shaft supply line.

The unit has a stainless-steel tank and two fixed baffles.  We also offer as an extra, a lid with hollow legs that fits onto four locating pins mounted in the top corners of the tank. The leg height provides the lid top at bench height.  The pump requires a 240V 10-amp single phase supply.

The unit is normally installed next to one or two grinders with a hose or pipe connection for make-up water.  The height of return allows the waste from two grinders to drain to the tank. Tank size and baffle height allow the tank to capture about 100L of waste sediment equivalent to grinding 1.5mm off the end face of 10,000 cylinders meaning the tank can be cleaned weekly or monthly with the special shovel provided. The removable baffles makes cleaning e much easier. The filter element should also be cleaned or replaced monthly. As the pump unit is on wheels, it can be wheeled outside for cleaning etc. Tank drain outlets are also provided. The system includes a float valve connected to the water supply to control water make up and a low level switch to stop pump if level is low to prevent the pump running dry causing failure.

An added inclusion is an interface box which allows the tank’s pump to be run in synchronisation with one or two Marui Grinding Machines. This results in extended life of the pump and better sedimentation of the fines and reduced power running costs.