Hydraulic machine for dynamic testing – UFIB series - Hylec Controls
Hydraulic machine for dynamic testing – UFIB series - Hylec Controls
Hydraulic machine for dynamic testing – UFIB series - Hylec Controls

Hydraulic machine for dynamic testing – UFIB series

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Hydraulic machine for dynamic testing – UFIB series

Total flexibility in frame design, performance and testing types.

The UFIB series is adaptable to any dimension of the test specimen, material stiffness and dynamic requirements. It can perform multiple test as dynamic tensile test, dynamic compression test, dynamic compression-tensile test passing through zero. These test can be configured with upper beam, fixed or mobile by means of lateral hydraulic jacks.

This machine is controlled by MD5 module with 5 kHz control-frequency and ability to mount up to 8 synchronous channels in one unit.

Advantages for dynamic test materials

  • Total adaptation to customer needs and requirements of the dynamic test
  • Equipped with dynamic load cells
  • Fully configurable to specimens dimensions but retaining all stiffness criteria.
  • Automatic operation with servocontrolled test speed in strength, amplitude, frequency and deformation.
  • Ready to perform a wide variety of tests and dynamic fatigue, depending on the selected test fixtures .

Main features:

Dynamic test frame: Provides structural support with the right dimensions to accommodate the actuator and dynamic test fixtures, manufactured according to the geometry and size of the test specimens. Frame rigidity is such that ensure no resonance during the dynamic test, under any possible condition. Hydraulic actuator for dynamic testing: is designed according to the type of dynamic test, frequency and duration. You can chose between hydrostatic piston, or pistons with low friction seals. Hydraulic unit for dynamic testing being able to provide the required flow at the maximum pressure. Equipped with high performance dynamic servovalves so it can perform optimal control test parameters. Dynamic parameters are defined by the constant of dynamic testing rate. The rate constant indicates the relationship between the amplitude and frequency of the dynamic test at full load. Dynamic Load cell: extremely robust design to absorb side loads and allow real-time measurements Control System: Independent control module for dynamic test MD5 with 5 kHz control frequency, and up to 8 measuring synchronous channels , A/D converters to ± 180,000 real resolution points of measurement.

Test examples with UFIB Testing Machines:

  • Tensile test according to ISO 6892, ISO 1608 , EN 10002 – 1 and ASTM E23.
  • Compression test according to ASTM D695
  • ASTM E290 bending test
  • NADCAP GE- S400 test
  • ASTM E 139 creep test
  • ASTM E190 test on welds
  • EN 1002-5 testing of high temperature materials
  • ASTM E 1012, Standard Practice for Verification of Testing Frame and Specimen Alignment Under Tensile and Compressive Axial Force Application
  • BS 7270 Metallic materials. Constant amplitude strain controlled axial fatigue. NFA 03403 fatigue testing at low frequency
  • Tensile and compression tests on ceramic matrix composite