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Hydraulic Compression Testing Machine

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Hydraulic Compression Testing Machine

Doli-controlled Servo-Hydraulic test press has a closed circuit system and works automatically.

As standard, capacities of 1000 kN, 2000 kN and 3000 kN are available. It can also be produced in different capacities as desired. Thanks to its 4-column system, the columns are fixed with 4 screws for error-free calibration of the body.

The top plate is mounted on the movable head system, and the bottom plate is fixed.

In terms of safety, the device does not operate when the cover on the body is in the open position thanks to the safety switch.

Moog brand precision servo valve (German origin) and Doli control unit (German origin) are used in the system. Loading speeds can be adjusted between 0.01 kN/s and 30 kN/s with the DOLI control unit.

At the end of the test operation, the piston automatically returns to its initial state so that a new test can be started.

Thanks to the software, test results and load-time / stress (deformation) - time graphs are obtained.


  • Test System; It has a rigid, 4-column compact design.
  • test body; It has a single-acting, friction-reduced piston system.
  • The system consists of a hydraulic control unit with servo valve control.
  • The system is suitable for performing load-controlled uniaxial pressure tests on samples with a diameter of 54 mm and a length of 110 mm.
  • Load measurement and control can be made between 1% and 100% of the capacity, with class 1 or better accuracy, with loading speeds of 0.05 kN/sec and 25 kN/sec through the load cell.
  • Electronic control unit; It has a data sampling rate of 1000 per second, which is convenient to control up to 7 sensors with 2 internal, 2 external and 1 RS232-485 channels.
  • Loading rates between 0.05 MPa/s and 40 MPa/s can be set in the device.
  • The test software is provided with the test system, and all functions of the device can be controlled via the computer with the software.
  • With the software, real-time load, stress, displacement, (optional) deformation and user-defined externally definable up to 32 parameters can be displayed, data can be transferred to the graphic screen and graphic axes can be changed as desired by the user.
  • The test system is produced in accordance with the TS EN 12390-4 standard.