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HS125 Dry block calibrator

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HS125 Dry block calibrator

HS125 Dry Block Calibrator — designed by thermal conduction theory and advanced temperature control technology is calibrated with precision equipment. HS125 is very easy to operate and is widely used in petrol, metallurgy, power, military, science institute, metering fields.


HS125 Dry Block Calibrator are used in temperature sensor calibration for site and laboratory thermocouple as well as thermal resistance.


  • High precision of temperature control.
  • Small size with light weight, suitable for field.
  • Shorter time for heating. Save calibration time.

Technical specification

  • Temperature Range: -5~125℃
  • Controller Display Resolution:(-5~100)℃: 0.01℃(100.0~125.0)℃:0.1℃
  • Absolutely Stability (30min): ±0.05℃
  • Heating: -5℃~125℃: 25min
  • Cooling: 125℃~-5℃:30min
  • Standard Well Dimension: 2xΦ4.5mm; 2xΦ6.4mm; 1xΦ8mm; 1xΦ9.5mm;depth 145mm (Can be customised )
  • Appearance Dimension: 275mm x 180mm x 275mm
  • Weight: 8.5kg