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Horizontal Vibration Test System

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Horizontal Vibration Test System

High-performance, versatile, and cost-effective, horizontal vibration test systems have been developed for horizontal testing.



  • Modular Bearing Design for Flexible Sizing Requirements
  • Integrated Zero Wear T-Film™ Bearings (when oil is maintained to ISO 15-13-10 standards)
  • Overturning Moment Measured In Millions Of lb-in
  • High Load Capacity and Dynamic Stiffness
  • Maintenance Free*
  • Available Drive Adapter For Use with All ED Shakers
  • Available Air Isolated Laminated Steel Reaction Mass
  • Available Thermal Barrier For Use In Environmental Chambers
  • Available Hi-Yaw Control Bearings for Low Cross Axis Control


  • Electronic Component Testing
  • Tall, High Center of Gravity Test Objects
  • Transportation Canister Testing
  • Large Cabinet Testing
  • Thermal + Vibration Testing With Large Fixtures
  • Long Stroke, Low Frequency Testing
  • Satellite Testing With 10” x 10” (3M x 3M) Table
  • Mil STD Testing to 2000Hz