High Accuracy Barrier Film Electrolytic Sensor Method Water Vapour Permeability Analyser W203 2.0 - Hylec Controls

High Accuracy Barrier Film Electrolytic Sensor Method Water Vapour Permeability Analyser W203 2.0

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Introducing the W203 2.0 Water Vapour Permeability Analyser from Hylec Controls, meticulously designed and crafted based on the electrolytic sensor method test principle, in accordance with GB/T 21529, ISO15106-3 standards. This advanced instrument is tailored for measuring the water vapor transmission performance of films, sheets, papers, and various materials in industries such as food, medicine, medical equipment, daily chemicals, and photovoltaic electronics. Whether used offline or online, it stands as an ideal configuration instrument for testing the barrier properties of packaging materials in the packaging production industry.

Key Features

  • Test Principle

    • Utilises the electrolytic method for water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) testing.
    • Precise control of temperature and humidity conditions for accurate measurements.
  • Specifications

    • Test Range: 0.001~50g/(m2·24h) (film or sheet)
    • Test Accuracy: 0.001 g/(m2·24h)
    • Temperature Range: 15~45℃
    • Temperature Accuracy: ±0.1℃
    • Humidity Range: 0%RH,30~90%RH,100%RH
    • Humidity Accuracy: ±2%RH
    • Test Area: 50.24 cm2
    • Sample Size: Φ100 mm
    • Sample Thickness: ≤3 mm
    • Number of Samples: 3 Pieces
    • Carrier Gas: 99.999% N2 (user-provided)
    • Carrier Pressure: ≥0.1 MPa
    • Carrier Gas Flow: 0~100 mL/min
    • Size: 670×550×400mm
    • Weight: 57.1kg
    • Power: 750W
    • Power Supply: AC 220 V, 50 Hz (110V is optional)
  • Features

    • Patented core technology with high sensitivity and resolution up to 0.001g/(m2·24 h).
    • New pneumatic control system for easy and labor-saving operation.
    • Precise temperature and humidity control for stable and accurate measurements.
    • Equipped with 3 chambers for high-throughput testing and wide applicability.
    • Exquisite design with an 11.6-inch high-resolution color touch screen for easy operation.
    • Intelligent operating system with modular graphics and flexible settings.
  • Application

    • Film: Water vapour transmittance test for various plastic films, composite films, degradable packaging films, etc.
    • Sheet: Water vapour transmittance test for solid pharmaceutical hard sheets, metal composite sheets, rubber sheets, etc.
    • Paper, Cardboard, and Composites: Water vapor transmittance test for coated paper, silicone paper, etc.
    • Medicinal Patches: Water vapor transmission performance test of medical plasters.
    • Package: Customisable fixtures for packaging materials such as pharmaceutical bottles, sealed bags, plastic trays, etc.
  • Factory Configuration

    • Standard configuration includes power cord, communication line, sample cutter, sealing grease, ferrule connector, standard membrane, and more.
    • Optional components like a computer and calibration certificate are available.


  • High purity over 99.999% nitrogen is required for calibration.
  • Standard laboratory environment with air conditioning is recommended.
  • Power requirements: 220 V regulated power supply.
  • Computer requirements: Standard configuration with Windows 10 and a nine-pin serial port.
  • Drying dish and air compressor (Pressure above 0.7 MPa) are necessary for sample preparation.
  • Grounding requirements: Ensure a well-grounded power supply.

For precise and reliable water vapor permeability testing, choose the W203 2.0 Water Vapour Permeability Analyser from Hylec Controls.



Technical parameters

Test range

0.001~50g/(m2·24h) (film or sheet)

Test accuracy

0.001 g/(m2·24h)

Temperature range


Temperature accuracy


Humidity range


Humidity accuracy


Test area

50.24 cm2

Sample size

Φ100 mm

Sample thickness

≤3 mm

Number of 


3 Pieces

Carrier gas

99.999% N2(user provide)

Carrier pressure

≥0.1 MPa

Carrier gas flow

0~100 mL/min

Air source interface

1/8″ metal pipe







Power supply

AC 220 V, 50 Hz (110V is optional)