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Heat Seal Tester GBB-A1

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Presenting the GBB-A1 Heat Seal Tester from Hylec Controls – a precision instrument designed to accurately evaluate the heat seal temperature range, heat seal strength, suitable heat seal speed, and heat seal pressure for a diverse range of materials such as plastic film base material, flexible packaging composite film, coated paper, and aluminum foil. This advanced tester is instrumental in quality control across various industries including plastic film manufacturing, food and drug production, as well as for scientific research and teaching experiments conducted by testing institutions and schools.

Standards Compliant with ASTM F 2029.


  1. Independent Temperature Control Upper and lower heat seal bars boast independent temperature control and setting for precise testing conditions.

  2. Pneumatic Drive Utilises compressed air for efficient and reliable pneumatic drive, ensuring accurate and consistent results.

  3. Automatic and Manual Modes Offers both automatic and manual modes, with a foot switch for convenient manual operation.

  4. Customizable Heat Seal Bar Allows customisation of size, shape, and smoothness of the heat seal bar to meet specific testing requirements.

  5. Upgrade Options Provides the option to upgrade the heat seal bar with anti-sticking functionality for enhanced performance.

  6. Digital P.I.D. Temperature Control The equipment adopts digital P.I.D. temperature control for more accurate temperature regulation, ensuring precise testing conditions.

  7. RS232 Interface Features an RS232 interface for quick export of experimental data, facilitating efficient data management.


  • Temperature Range Room temperature~250℃
  • Temperature Precision ±0.1 ℃
  • Seal Time Range 0.1s~99.99h, 59min 59.9s
  • Pressure Range 0.1~0.8Mpa
  • Heat Seal Area 300mm × 5.5mm, smooth surface; (lower bar has a silicone pad as a buffer)
  • Heat Seal Method Two ways – automatic or manual, external air cylinder
  • Power Supply AC220V 50Hz
  • Instrument Size 480mm × 330mm × 570mm

Configuration List

A. Spare Parts

  1. Heat Seal Tester (GBB-A1) – 1 set
  2. Power Cable – 1 PC
  3. Gas Pipe – 1 PC
  4. Foot Switch – 1 PC

Elevate your heat seal testing capabilities with the GBB-A1 Heat Seal Tester, ensuring precision and reliability in evaluating crucial properties for a variety of materials. Trust in Hylec Controls for cutting-edge testing solutions.