Headspace Gas Analyser GB-DK1 - Hylec Controls
Headspace Gas Analyser GB-DK1 - Hylec Controls
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Headspace Gas Analyser GB-DK1

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The headspace gas analyser GB-DK1 employs the destructive puncture detection method and is equipped with high-precision oxygen sensors and optional carbon dioxide sensors. This system accurately analyses the O2 and CO2 content within hollow packaging containers like bags, bottles, and cans. This analysis aids in making informed assessments of product quality, predicting shelf life validity, and evaluating the rationality of packaging design. Additionally, it serves as an effective tool for packaging tightness testing and is an optimal choice for modified atmosphere preservation (MAP, CAP) packaging, large infusion bottles (bags), residual oxygen detection in prefilled needles' headspace, and various food and medicine applications.

In contemporary settings, the headspace gas analyser has evolved into a crucial method for assessing packaging design quality and verifying product shelf life. Our GB-DK headspace gas analyser rapidly detects O2 and CO2 levels in production lines, warehouses, laboratories, and similar environments, providing essential guidance for production.

Test Principle Gas from the sample is drawn into the sensor using a vacuum pump. The sensor generates real-time current and voltage signals representing O2 and optional CO2 concentrations. The instrument calculates gas content based on these signals. After reaching experiment end conditions, the test concludes, and the instrument records O2 and CO2 concentrations in the measured gas.


  • Gas to be Measured: O2 (standard configuration), CO2 (optional)
  • Measurement Principle: Fluorescence optics, infrared absorption
  • Measurement Range: 0%~25% (O2), 0%~100% (CO2)
  • Measurement Accuracy: ±0.2% (O2), ±2% (CO2)
  • Sample Size: ≥3 ml (standard atmospheric pressure), ≥20 ml (standard atmospheric pressure)
  • Dimensions: 350 mm (L)×330 mm (W)×200 mm (H)
  • Power Supply: 220 VAC±10 % 50Hz / 120 VAC±10 % 60 Hz
  • Net Weight: 5kg


  1. High-precision sensors ensuring accuracy, stability and long service life with automatic protection against over-range.
  2. Needle/probe safety holster for secure testing and rapid sampling.
  3. Simultaneous detection of oxygen and carbon dioxide, with selectable CO2 analysis based on user needs.
  4. Built-in operating system with ARM control system and touch screen interface.
  5. Compliance with GMP requirements for computerised systems, featuring multi-level user access.
  6. Audit trail function for system, project, and method, ensuring data safety and integrity.
  7. Personalised test report generation with PDF output capability and real-time printing using the micro printer.

Application Areas

  • Food bag packaging
  • Food container packaging
  • Medicine bag packaging
  • Pharmaceutical container
  • Modified atmosphere lock fresh packaging
  • Ampoules and other medicinal glass packaging