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HC-BMT-ST Shaking Table

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Looking for an earthquake simulation solution for your workshop or lab? Look no further than the BMT-ST Shaking Table from Hylec Controls. Our state-of-the-art shaking table is designed to accurately simulate earthquake effects on various products, providing valuable data for engineering and research purposes.

The BMT-ST Shaking Table features a rigid base frame and a moving table connected to an electro-mechanical actuator controlled by DOLI EDC 580, providing precise control and reliable performance. This system can be customized to accommodate a wide range of product sizes and testing requirements.

With its accurate and reliable earthquake simulation capabilities, the BMT-ST Shaking Table is the perfect solution for earthquake engineering and research. Whether you're testing products for earthquake resistance or studying the effects of earthquakes on various materials, this system delivers accurate and valuable results.

Choose Hylec Controls for your earthquake simulation needs and experience the highest level of performance and reliability in earthquake testing.