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HC-BMT-ST Shaking Table

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Looking for an earthquake simulation solution for your workshop or lab? Look no further than the BMT-ST Shaking Table from Hylec Controls. Our state-of-the-art shaking table is designed to accurately simulate earthquake effects on various products, providing valuable data for engineering and research purposes.

The BMT-ST Shaking Table features a rigid base frame and a moving table connected to an electro-mechanical actuator controlled by DOLI EDC 580, providing precise control and reliable performance. This system can be customised to accommodate a wide range of product sizes and testing requirements.

With its accurate and reliable earthquake simulation capabilities, the BMT-ST Shaking Table is the perfect solution for earthquake engineering and research. Whether you're testing products for earthquake resistance or studying the effects of earthquakes on various materials, this system delivers accurate and valuable results.

Civil engineers deploy seismic simulators to evaluate the behaviour of everything from small structural components to fullscale structures under true earthquake conditions. This robust uni-axial and multi-axial systems help governments and research organisations ensure the safety, durability and reliability of buildings, bridges and a wide array of other civil structures.

  • Capacity: Up to 500 kN
  •  Load accuracy class: 0.5%
  • Position resolution: 0.1 μm
  • Special dynamic controller and simulation
  • software
  • Servo-Hydraulic or/and Electro-Mechanical actuators
  • Dynamic speed up to 1000 mm/s
  • Heavy duty and reliable
  • Easy to operate, control with computer and remote
  • Control

Special-purpose Seismic Simulator systems

Special-purpose Seismic Simulators are designed to evaluate specimens that are either too large for other simulators or specimens that can be evaluated with fewer degrees of freedom. A Special-purpose simulator can be more economical than a full six degree of freedom system.

  • Biaxial bridge testing
  • Uniaxial wall testing
  • Seismic isolator testing 


  • Machine; Shaking table, compatible base table for shaking table with sliding movement system, actuator system to provide system movement, German made electronic control unit, embadded type MTS position sensor inside actuator, earthquake simulation software.
  • Frame; It consists of 2 tables and slider motion system. The friction between the two tables is minimised by sliding movement system.
  • Actuator: The actuator structure is double acting and dynamic with minimized friction. The actuator is designed for the dynamic structure to create earthquake simulation. It has the MTS position sensor embedded in the piston for position and displacement control of the actuator and it can simulate earthquake data according to Richter scale.
  • Control Unit: The electronic control unit of the test system is a German brand. German electronic control unit; It has 6 channels, 1000 data sampling rate per second (works with 1 kHz data acquisition), it is suitable to control the sensor up to 2, external 2, 1 RS232-485 and 1 debug channel.
  • Software: The system will be provided with earthquake simulation software.Simulation software is displacement controlled. Displacement and time-dependent earthquake records can be loaded by writing simulations.

Special-purpose seismic simulator system series:

Product Code Product Name
BMT-0.2ST/E Servo Electromechanical Shaking Table System with 0,2 kN Payload Capacity
BMT-1ST/E-0.5x0.5 Servo Electromechanical Shaking Table System with 1 kN Payload Capacity, 0.5m x 0.5m
BMT-5ST/E Servo-Electromechanical Shaking Table System with 5 kN Payload Capacity
BMT-10ST/E Servo Electromechanical Shaking Table System with 10 kN Payload Capacity
BMT-50ST/E Servo Electromechanical Shaking Table System with 50 kN Payload Capacity

Choose Hylec Controls for your earthquake simulation needs and experience the highest level of performance and reliability in earthquake testing.