Gaussmeter Magnetometer MF-1M - Hylec Controls
Gaussmeter Magnetometer MF-1M - Hylec Controls
Gaussmeter Magnetometer MF-1M - Hylec Controls
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Gaussmeter Magnetometer MF-1M

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Gaussmeter Magnetometer MF-1M (AC,DC) is designed to control the residual magnetization and study the magnetic heterogeneity of the surface of ferromagnetic products, to control the level of residual magnetisation before welding gas and oil pipes, to control the induction of static (DC), alternating (AC) and pulsed magnetic fields generated by various magnetic and electromagnetic devices, such as magnetic particle flaw detectors, magnetic tables and chucks of grinding machines, demagnetising devices, permanent magnets etc.

Main advantages and functions of Magnetometer MF-1M:

  • STATIC (DC) MAGNETIC FIELD The main purpose of the device is to measure the parameters of a static magnetic field – intensity (induction), as well as its gradient. Using a transverse probe, the user can measure the residual magnetisation of the material after magnetic particle inspection, the level of the magnetic component of industrial interference, as well as the magnetic induction of a variety of devices, components and products.
  • ALTERNATING (AC) AND PULSED MAGNETIC FIELDSThe device allows user to measure the parameters of an alternating magnetic field – values of intensity (induction), as well as the parameters of single pulses of a magnetic field – peak values of intensity (induction).
  • UNITS OF MEASUREMENTThe magnetometer can display the measured value in units of Ampere/Centimeter (A/cm), Gauss (Gs) and Tesla (mT). That is why sometimes such devices are called Teslameters or Gaussmeter gauges. Also in the device there is a conditional CODE scale, which allows user to assess the change in the magnetic fields of without reference to the scale.
  • THRESHOLD EXCEEDANCE ALARM FUNCTIONThe device has the function of displaying the signal like a graph, which allows the user to monitor the change in the magnetic field strength by scanning the product. Also, in this operating mode, the user can set thresholds for the limiting values of the measured parameters, when the grapf break this threshold the device emits a signal.
  • VARIOUS PROBESThe device can be equipped with probes for operation in different ranges (± 100G, ± 1000G, ± 3000G), the narrower the range, the higher the measurement accuracy. The instrument is equipped with a transverse probe as standard, but axial probes can be made to order.
  • DESIGNThe device is sealed and can be used in conditions of high humidity, and the silicone case for the electronic unit makes the device shockproof. Also, the device is not demanding on the temperature of the operating environment, it is possible to use the device in the temperature range from -20 to + 40 ° C.


  • Simplicity and convenience of measurements
  • Friendly menu
  • Static (DC), alternating (AC) and pulsed magnetic fields
  • Several units of measure
  • Wide range of measurement
  • Different types of probes
  • Robust and shockproof housing


The measurement range depends on the probe, G:
– PH-100
– PH-1000
– PH-3000
  • ± 100G
  • ± 1000G
  • ± 3000G
Measurement accuracy of the probes:
– PH-100
– PH-1000
– PH-3000
  • ±(1G+5%)
  • ±(2G+5%)
  • ±(5G+5%)
  • Ampere/Centimeter (A/cm)
  • Gauss (Gs)
  • Tesla (mT)
Response time, no more, s 1
Overall dimensions, mm 120x75x36
Operating temperature, ° C -20 to +40
Power supply 2pcs AA batteries
Weight of electronic unit with batteries, kg, no more 0.25


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