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Falling Weight Impact Tester

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Falling Weight Impact Tester

The Falling Weight Tester is used to determine the energy required to break or rupture test specimens from Pipe, Sheet, Laminates, Composites, Ceramics, and can comply to various international standards such as ISO6603, ISO3127, ASTM D2444.

The Ray-Ran Universal Falling Weight Impact Tester is simply the best in its class. It is used to determine the energy required to break or rupture test specimens such as pipe, sheet, laminates, composites, ceramics and nonferrous metals for material and component evaluation to international testing methods such as ISO6603, ISO3127, ASTMD2444 and UL 651 to name a few.

Utilising both pneumatic and electrical functions, the apparatus is extremely versatile. The standard machine is supplied with a 2-meter variable drop height system which can reach impact velocities up to 6.26 m/s. With an impact energy range of up to 314 joules, even the toughest of materials can easily be tested.

Built with operator safety in mind, the apparatus has a full electrical interlock system preventing operation of the apparatus if a safety guard is open. It is supplied as standard with a solenoid operated carrier release mechanism for simple operation and a unique pneumatic carrier return system to ensure the carrier is safely returned to its set drop height for the next test to be performed. A twin guide rail system is used to ensure a smooth repetitive drop of the load carrier perpendicular to the sample being tested. Load carriers are available for different energy ranges and are fitted with low friction bearing guides which prevent velocity and potential energy being lost as the carrier descends. Impact tups are supplied to international test standard methods, or to customers own individual requirements. On the standard machine pipe diameters of up to 400mm can be tested easily.

The methods of testing on the Universal Falling Weight Impact Tester are:
Round the Clock Method – Lengths of pipe from a batch or production run are subjected to blows from a known mass which falls from a specified height as per test standard ISO3127 & EN744.

Staircase Method – Lengths of pipe are subjected to blows from a known mass and shape but is dropped from differing heights depending on the results of each blow as per test standard EN1411.

Fixtures – By changing the supports and clamping mechanisms, along with the shape of the Tup, and variable weights the Ray-Ran Universal Falling Weight Impact Tester can be manufactured to meet any test specification or costumer’s requirement making the equipment truly bespoke. Typical test fixtures available include

Pipe Testing “V” rest – The test is used for the examination of pipe sections and tubing for impact strength properties as complete segments of pipe. Sample diameters from as little as 12mm Ø up to 400mm Ø can be tested on the standard machine. The pipe is supported in a 120° angled “V” support as is impacted by the load carrier in a single drop. The support rests can be manufactured to any test standard or customer requirement.

Flat Plate / Plaque Testing – Testing of flat plates or plaques such as laminates and composites can easily be tested using the flat plate clamping fixture. It is offered with various support rings to test to various international test standards and customers own specific testing requirements and can be either manually or pneumatically operated.

Fixtures for conducting Izod and Charpy tests are also available.


  • Weight:  270 kg
  • Dimensions:  950x450x2500 mm – based on the standard 2 meter drop height machine (WxDxH)
  • Power:  110-240VAC, 50-60hz
  • Display:  Digital Height Scale