Falling Dart Impact Tester GBD-L2 - Hylec Controls
Falling Dart Impact Tester GBD-L2 - Hylec Controls
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Falling Dart Impact Tester GBD-L2

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Elevate your impact testing precision with the Falling Dart Impact Tester GBD-L2, meticulously designed for materials like plastic film, sheets, and steel plate coatings with a thickness below 1mm. Tailored for scientific research, teaching, and industrial applications, this advanced instrument adheres to ISO7765-1, GB/T 9639, GB/T 15267, ASTM D1709, and JIS K7124 standards.

Key Features

  1. Intuitive Operation

    • Equipped with a color touch screen, the host ensures user-friendly test operations, promoting an effortless testing experience.
  2. Innovative Mechanical Model

    • The novel mechanical model and user-friendly interface design simplify instrument operation, making it accessible and convenient.
  3. Versatile Test Modes

    • Designed with Method A, Method B, and Single-Chip test modes, offering a multifunctional testing solution in one machine.
  4. Electromagnetic Suction Principle

    • Utilises electromagnetic suction for automatic release, effectively eliminating system errors caused by human factors.
  5. Intelligent Test Process

    • The intelligent test process significantly enhances work efficiency, ensuring a streamlined and error-free testing experience.
  6. Pneumatic Clamping and Release

    • Pneumatically clamps and releases the sample, reducing errors and test time for increased efficiency.
  7. Data Display and Recognition

    • LCD display system eliminates the need for manual drawing and marking, providing a comprehensive data parameter display.
  8. Built-In Printer

    • Features a built-in printer for instant test report generation, enhancing functionality.
  9. Data Query Capability

    • The instrument supports data queries, allowing users to retrieve results for up to 30 data groups.

Technical Parameters

  • Test Method:
    • Method A, Method B, Single Chip Test
  • Method A Test Range: 50~2000g
  • Method B Test Range: 300~2000g
  • Single Chip Test Range: 20g, 25g, 40g, 60g, 80g
  • Test Accuracy: 0.1g
  • Dart Head Size:
    • Method A: Φ38±1mm
    • Method B: Φ50±1mm
  • Weight:
    • Method A: 5g, 15g, 30g, 80g each 8 pcs, 120g 16 pcs
    • Method B: 15g, 45g, 90g each 8 pcs, 180g 9 pcs
  • Weight Size:
    • Method A: Φ30mm
    • Method B: Φ45mm
  • Impact Height: 1500mm/660mm
  • Specimen Fixture: Pneumatic fixture, Outer diameter 150mm, Inside diameter 125mm
  • Gas Source: Compressed air, 0.6~0.8MPa
  • Air Connection: Air source interface, Φ6mm tube
  • Dimensions: 5104401300mm
  • Weight: 50kg
  • Power Supply: AC 220V, 50Hz
  • Power: 75W

Revolutionise your impact testing with the GBD-L2, a cutting-edge solution for assessing the impact resistance of various materials. Its innovative features and precise testing capabilities make it an invaluable asset for your laboratory and quality assurance needs.