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Falling Ball Impact Tester GQ-D1

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Enhance your quality assurance with the GQ-D1 Falling Ball Impact Tester, specifically designed for assessing the impact strength of steel balls in rigid tablets for food packaging, solid pharmaceuticals, and plastic bottle cap products. This tester ensures comprehensive testing by allowing steel balls of specified weights to fall freely onto the product from designated heights, impacting and thoroughly evaluating the product's appearance and performance.

Product Features:

  1. User-Friendly Interface:

    • The host is equipped with a color touch screen, providing a convenient interface for test operations.
  2. Innovative Mechanical Model:

    • The instrument boasts a novel mechanical model and a user-friendly design, simplifying its operation for enhanced convenience.
  3. Advanced Magnetism Principle:

    • Unlike traditional electromagnets, this instrument utilizes energization and repulsion, eliminating issues like high temperatures and residual magnetism post-power failure for accurate experimentation.
  4. Intelligent Test Process:

    • An intelligent test process significantly improves work efficiency.
  5. Pneumatic Clamping and Release:

    • The sample is pneumatically clamped and released, reducing errors and testing time.
  6. Built-in Printer:

    • A built-in printer allows for the easy generation of test reports.
  7. Data Query Capability:

    • The instrument enables users to query data and experiment results for enhanced traceability.
  8. Accurate Test Results:

    • The test results are highly accurate, providing reliable assessments.


  • GB/T 15267-1994, GB/T 17876-2010, YBB0021-2005, YBB00202005

Technical Parameters:

  • Impact Height: 0~900mm
  • Steel Ball Diameter: 23mm, 28.6mm, 38.1mm, 50.8mm (Food Bag) / 25mm, 28.6mm (Medicine Packet)
  • Specimen Holder Range: 120*85mm
  • Specimen Size: ≥100*150
  • Overall Dimension: 3255501250
  • Power: 75W
  • Power Supply: AC220V 50Hz

Product List:

  1. Spare Part:

    • Power Cable: 3*0.75 square copper, 10A 1.8 meters (1)
    • Steel Balls: 50g, 100g, 250g, 540g (Food Bag) / 60g, 100g (Medicine Packet) (6)
    • Wooden Box: (1)
  2. Optional Part:

    • Calibrate Certificate: (Optional)

Prepared by Customer:

  • Power Supply: 500W, 220V, 10A, 3-hole socket, grounding wire

Choose the GQ-D1 Falling Ball Impact Tester for precise and efficient impact strength assessments of your products.