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Falling Ball Impact Tester GB-LQ

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Elevate your impact resistance testing with the Falling Ball Impact Tester GB-LQ, an essential instrument designed to evaluate the structural integrity of end products or components during the installation process. Widely applicable to electrical equipment, appliances, plastics, electronic products, communication sets, and more, this tester ensures the robustness of your products. Conducted in accordance with the YBB 0021-2005 standard, the GB-LQ Falling Ball Impact Tester is a reliable solution to assess and enhance your product's design and durability.


  • YBB 0021-2005

Technical Parameters

  • Impact Height: Adjustable between 20~2000mm
  • Ball Size: 23mm, 25mm, 28.6mm (Standard) / 38.1mm, 58.1mm (Optional)
  • Fixture Size: 150mm×150mm
  • Sample Size: ≤150mm×150mm
  • Power: 1000W
  • Instrument Size: 450mm×400mm×2050mm
  • Power Supply: AC 220V 50Hz

Key Features

  1. Easy Operation

    • User-friendly operation ensures a seamless testing experience.
  2. Automated Data Processing

    • Auto-processes data for efficiency and accuracy.
  3. Accurate Test Results

    • Precision in test results ensures reliable assessments of product impact resistance.

A. Spare Parts

  • Power Cable: 3*0.75 10A 1.8M (1 PC)
  • Steel Balls: 50g, 100g, 250g, 640g (Food Package) / 60g, 100g (Drug Package) (6 PCS)
  • Cross Screwdriver: 6-10mm (1 PC)
  • Allen Wrench: M3 (1 PC)
  • Wooden Box: (1 PC)

B. Optional Parts

  • Metrology Certificates: Optional

C. User to Provide

  • Power Supply: 500W, 220V, 10A, Three-Hole Socket, Ground Wire

Ensure the structural soundness of your products with the Falling Ball Impact Tester GB-LQ, a versatile instrument that adheres to the highest testing standards. Trust in accurate results to optimise your product's performance and durability.