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EDCi50 built-in device with DriveBox

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EDCi50 built-in device with DriveBox

Universal digital measurement and control electronics for testing machines / applications

Up to 10 kHz

Up to 3 iSI modules (X21 – X23)

Supply voltages
Tabletop device: 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Built-in device: + 24 VDC


  • Automatic sensor recognition through intelligent sensor plug SGS
  • Universal digital IO interface, connection for 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs, 24V DC
  • Machine control, control output analog ± 10 V or various digital interfaces
  • Connection for display / operating unit Remote Machine Control RMCi with emergency stop option
  • Connection for incremental digital sensors, e.g. for position measurement
  • iSYNC interface for multi-axis applications. Connection of several EDCi. (optional – only for table-top device)
  • USB host for USB sticks
  • Analog input amplifier (e.g. for strain gauges) with DC supply with a resolution of 20,000,000 steps
  • Output e.g. for DC motors with 160W or 320W power (optional)
  • oder zur Ansteuerung von Servoventilen bei der SV-Version (optional)
  • ‘+/- 10V (optional)
  • Ethernet RJ45, communication with PC. 10/100Mbit
  • USB 2.0, communication with PC
  • Serial interface for external electronics (optional)
  • Configuration and parameterization with the DOLI Installation Center PC software
  • Software for operation:
    Control and test execution with application software DOLI Test & MotionPlus or your own application software via DOLI DoPE API