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Disk Peeling Tester GX-B3

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The GX-B3 Disc Peeling Tester is a precision experimental apparatus. It is designed for conducting binding fastness tests on plastic films produced through the gravure printing process and cellophane decorative prints, including composite film prints. Additionally, it assesses the adhesion state of surface layers formed through vacuum coating, surface coating, compounding, and related processes.

Testing Principle The testing involves adhering glass tape paper to the printed surface of the sample ink, adjusting the test environment according to standard load, rolling speed, and rolling times. After a specific duration, the samples are subjected to peeling with a defined pressure and stripping speed. The observation of the ink layer's peeling condition allows for the judgment of the combination fastness of the printing ink layer.

Standard Compliance GBT 7706, GB/T 7707, JIS C2107, JIS Z0237

Technical Parameters

  • Disc Pressure: 100 N
  • Stripping Velocity: 0~1 m/s
  • Diameter of A Disk: 170 mm
  • Width of A Disk: 55 mm
  • Diameter of B Disk: 65 mm
  • Width of B Disk: 55 mm
  • Contour Dimension: L×W×H - 546 mm×360 mm×300 mm
  • Power: 150 W
  • Power Supply: AC 220V, 50 Hz

Product Features

  • Advanced Configuration and Technology
    • Simple design concept with delicate workmanship, featuring a color touch screen for user-friendly test operations.
    • Reasonably structured design ensures smooth instrument operation, accurate testing, longer lifespan, improved long-term stability, and energy efficiency.
    • Disc A and Disc B dimensions, peeling angle, and speed are designed in strict accordance with national standards for reliable and versatile test data.
    • Adjustable pressure between discs to meet various customer pressure requirements.
    • Inner printer for direct printing of test results.


  • Adhesive Tape Products: Standard roll bonding for sticky testing of adhesive tape products.