CREEP Testing Machine – IB-CREEP - Hylec Controls
CREEP Testing Machine – IB-CREEP - Hylec Controls
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CREEP Testing Machine – IB-CREEP

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Introducing the IB-CREEP CREEP Testing Machine: Redefining Precision and Performance

The IB-CREEP CREEP Testing Machine by IBERTEST is an electromechanical marvel engineered specifically for creep testing, relaxation, low fatigue, and more. Designed to meet the stringent requirements set by ISO 204 and ASTM E139 standards, this machine sets new benchmarks in accuracy, efficiency, and reliability.

Experience the Power of Innovation:

IBERTEST has taken the lead in design and technology with the IB-CREEP Series, pushing the boundaries of what creep testing machines can achieve. Every aspect of this machine has been meticulously enhanced to deliver exceptional performance, making it one of the most advanced creep machines available worldwide.

Revolutionary Furnace Design:

The IB-CREEP features a fully renovated furnace, setting new standards in reliability and precision. With increased stiffness throughout the system, you can rely on this machine to deliver consistent and accurate results. Say goodbye to compromises and embrace the future of creep testing.

Intuitive Control at Your Fingertips:

Navigate through your testing procedures effortlessly with the powerful and user-friendly advanced furnace control system. Equipped with a 10.4" touchscreen, this cutting-edge interface ensures a seamless and intuitive user experience. Take control of your tests like never before.

Unparalleled Energy Efficiency:

We understand the importance of sustainability and resource optimiSation. That's why the IB-CREEP boasts improved energy efficiency, reducing power consumption without compromising on performance. Save energy and reduce costs while achieving precise and reliable test results.

Streamlined and Space-Saving Design:

Our engineers have integrated the electronics into the machine frame, optimising space utilisation without sacrificing functionality. Enjoy a sleek and compact design that fits seamlessly into your laboratory environment, maximising your workspace.

Effortless Setpoint Adjustments:

With the IB-CREEP, adjusting setpoints is a breeze. Save time and enhance productivity by easily configuring and fine-tuning your desired parameters. Our machine empowers you with flexibility and efficiency.

Choose the IB-CREEP CREEP Testing Machine and unlock a new realm of precision, reliability, and efficiency in your creep testing processes. Stay ahead of the curve and invest in the future of materials testing technology. Discover what it means to push the boundaries of excellence.


The IB-CREEP series provide you a wide range of testing possibilities into the branch of Creep tests.

  • Creep tests.
  • Relaxation tests.
  • Creep rupture tests.
  • Creep crack tests.
  • Long-term tests.