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Core and Beam Saws

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Core and Beam Saws. Easy-to-use, fast and accurate sawing systems. Best in class for safety features

Cooper Research Technology has developed easy-to-use sawing systems for fast, accurate cutting of beams for asphalt prisms (prepared in Cooper Research Technology’s Roller Compactors – small and large models) to be used for Four Point Bending Beam Testing in CRT-SA4PT-BB and CRT-LH4PT-BB, for Two Point Bending Beam testing in CRT-2PT, and cutting & dressing round cores and large & small wheel tracked slabs.


Key Features

  • Suitable for natural and artifical slabs, asphalt, concrete, tile, marble, granite
  • Four point beam testing jigs supplied as standard
  • Variable speed and electromotive feed available as an optional extra
  • CE marked

Key Uses

  • Cutting of prisms to be used in Four Point Beam Bending testing according to EN12697-24/26 and AASHTO T321
  • Cutting of trapezoidal specimens to be used in Two Point Beam Bending testing according to EN12697-24/26
  • Cutting and dressing of round cores up to 200mm depending on model
  • Cutting and dressing of wheel tracking slabs

Core and Beam Saws Specifications:

Model CRT-SAW200
Diamond disk mm 250-600
Depth of cut 200mm max with 600mm blade fitted as standard
Cutting length mm 750
Water cooled cutting
Four Point Bending Beams
Trapezoidal specimens **
Wheel tracker slabs 305x305mm, 260x305mm and 500x180mm
Cores up to mm 200
Speed rpm 1400
Electrical supply* 415 Volts 50Hz 3 Phase
or 220VAC 60Hz 3 phase @ 50Amps + Earth
Power kW 5.6
Water Supply Cooling water is recirculated from a built-in holding tank (approximately 80L capacity)
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm
(Without Safety Enclosure)
1320 x 700 x 1800
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm
(With Safety Enclosure)
2100 x 1300 x 2000
Estimated weight Kg
(Without Safety Enclosure)
Estimated weight Kg
(With Safety Enclosure)



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