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Compumet 250 Universal Polisher

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The Compumet series, based on the LS, consists of an universal polisher used for the complete preparation of metallographic specimens from grinding with abrasive papers to final polishing.

The body made entirely of oven-proof acid-proof steel, the gear motor transmission, the water recirculation system with a polished stainless steel faucet and splash guard, the commands are on low-voltage. The interchangeability of the work discs, with quick coupling, facilitated by the large space existing between the disc and the splash guard tank.

The automatic pneumatic system is the indispensable tool to significantly reduce the production costs of metallographic samples, at the same time guaranteeing perfect reproducibility of the final result with less effort for the operator.

The automatic system is available in two versions:
– WITH CENTRAL PRESSURE the work force is applied directly to the sample – holder. 
– WITH SINGLE PRESSURE choose to apply the work force directly to the sample – holder or individually on the single samples.

The commands are executed through a 7-inch Touch-screen interface, with the availability of additional functions and memory of the work recipes.

The machine is equipped with a bottle and a solenoid valve to manage the lubricating oil or available with the Automatic Dispenser option with 4 bottles controlled by the automatism.

The Compumet 250, variable speed machine (0 – 300 rpm, optional up to 500), mounts work disks with a diameter of 250 mm, ones is in the basic kit.

Technical data Compumet 250
Disk diam. (mm) 250
Motor Power (W) 250
Disk speed (giri/minuto) 0 – 300 o 500*
Working timer (min) 1 – 99
Max Recipe storage +99
Power supply (V) 220 Monofase
Weight (kg) 50
Dimensions (mm) LxDxH 370 x 500 x 650