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Compression Tester RH-ZG300

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The RH-ZG300 Compression Tester is a versatile testing instrument designed for assessing the compressive strength of various industrial products such as paper tubes, plastic bottles, packaging boxes, and more. It is ideal for testing the compressive strength and deformation of a wide range of small containers and honeycomb cardboard.

Working mode

  1. Compression test: Measure the maximum compressive resistance and deformation of the sample.
  2. Conformity test: According to the set pressure and deformation to test the overall performance of
  3. the sample.
  4. Stacking test: The sample is pressed at a constant pressure to test how long it can withstand.


  • High precision, stable performance - Force transducer with high precision, The factory accuracy is in the < 0.5%, better than ±1% ISO standards. Using stepper motor, precision ball screw, coupled with reasonable design, precision machining, to ensure the high reliability and stability of the equipment.
  • Long service life - Precision ball screw drive, the aluminum alloy panels, high quality machining technology and reasonable design, ensure the equipment is durable. Our company has a professional team that specialised in design and programming, We can upgrade the equipment, to ensure that the equipment is high-level.
  • Wide range of application - In addition to the compressive strength test, standard test and stacking strength test, The equipment also test other packing materials (cans, bottles, etc.)
  • Easy operation - High resolution color touch screen operation system display in English/Chinese, human-computer interface. Automatic test with statistical data handling. Using the micro printer, also can connect the computer operation. When it connected to a computer, it can automatically saves test results, also can display test curves of pressure and save.
  • High efficiency testing - The speed of top pressboard can be set as you need, up to 300 mm/min, make the test more fast and convenient.
Technical Details
  • Measure Range (50~10000)N
  • Resolution 1N
  • Accuracy ±1%
  • Test Speed (1~50)mm/min
  • Return Range (1~300)mm/min
  • Parallel of Pressboards <0.15mm
  • Max Distance of Pressboards 380mm
  • Dimensions of Pressboards 300×300 mm
  • Dimensions 500×370×720 mm
  • Weights 57kg
  • Power AC110~240V