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Compression Tester GBN200A

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The GBN200A Compression Tester stands as a precision apparatus aligned with ASTM, GB, and other industry standards. This equipment caters to the discerning needs of quality inspection, drug examination, scientific research, and various industries including packaging, film, food, medicine, and daily chemicals. It adeptly assesses pressure resistance and burst strength in diverse packaging bags, offering a range of functionalities.


  • Standard Compliance ASTM D642, ASTM D4169, TAPPI T804, ISO 2872, ISO 12048, JIS Z0212
  • Technical Parameters
    • Pressure Range 0~3000 N
    • Test Distance 0~185mm (customisable plate height)
    • Effective Working Area 480mm×390mm
    • Test Speed Range 0-500mm/min (Variable)
    • Dimensions 550mm×460mm×860mm
    • Weight 120kg
    • Power Supply AC 220V, 50Hz


  • Versatile Controls Offers flexible interfaces and control methods with multi-parameter variable settings for compression tests, including speed, displacement, and pressure.
  • Computerised Control Enables complete process control, with online display of test results, automatic data storage, data analysis, comparison functions, curve superposition recording, and printing capabilities.
  • Modular Design Facilitates easy expansion of functionalities.
  • Control and Measurement Unit Options Allows for a built-in or external unit, providing options for simplicity and space-saving or ease of upgrade, maintenance, and independent operation from the computer.
  • Flexible Pressure and Stroke Settings Enables pressure to be set for seeking displacement and stroke for seeking stress.
  • Program Compression Offers the ability to perform compression at different speeds.
  • Pressure Holding Test Allows for maintaining a constant pressure during compression and setting a specific holding time.
  • Printing Capabilities Can print compression curves and test reports.


  • Pressure Resistance Testing Suitable for evaluating the pressure resistance of various packaging bags.
  • Burst Strength Testing Apt for assessing burst resistance in various packaging bags.