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Compression Test Machine - Alpha 10-5000

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Specifically for large specimens as the height can easily be set by the hydraulic adjustable upper crosshead. Compression tests on specimens of building materials:

  • cubes, cylinders made of concrete and high-strength concrete
  • wall elements
  • masonry body
  • Stones and elements of unreinforced concrete or lightweight concrete
  • brick
  • Sand-lime bricks and elements
  • ceramic clinker
  • hollow blocks
  • According to DIN EN ISO 7500-1 and DIN EN 12 390-4, class 1
  • with determination of the relative reversal range
  • in expansion cylinder design according to DIN 51 302-2 (DIN EN 12 390-3 normative appendix "A")
  • Design according to Supplement 1 to DIN EN ISO 7500-1 (DIN 51 220, DIN 51 223 and DIN 51 302-1)
  • Test force selectable from 2000 ... 15000 kN
Range of application

  • specially designed for high flexibility in the sample sizes of building materials
  • Monitoring of hardened concrete, including high-strength concrete
  • Suitability tests for determining compressive strength
  • building materials research
  • building material development

Test facilities
  • material testing institutes
  • colleges
  • Building material testing stations
  • research laboratories
  • IN 12390-3,-4,-5 IN 12504-1, IN 1354, IN 1521, IN 1338, IN 772-6, IN 13286-41 
  • DIN 1048-4
  • ASTM C39, ASTM E447
  • BS 1610, BS 1681
  • according to current international standards (ASTM, DIN, BS, etc.) depending on application


  • static PRESSURE SEARCH with a wide range of different sample dimensions
  • away regulated experiments
  • deformation regulated  attempts
  • Determination of the modulus of elasticity (modulus of elasticity)
  • automatic servo control in closed loop for reproducible test results

  • Individual components Test frame and drive station with integrated hydraulics, digital controller and test software are removed and connected to each other depending on the configuration. This allows the user a wide range of expansion stages and options
  • highly rigid 4-column load frame
  • the height of the test chamber can be infinitely adjusted () via the upper cross beam
  • the clamping is passive and backlash-free on the 4 hard chrome plated machine columns
Test cylinder
  • single-acting
Pressure plates
  • upper pressure plate ball bearing for an inclination of up to 3°
  • Expansion cylinder design
Options and Accessories
  • AS drive station with connection for up to 4 test frames
  • Measuring and weighing station with integrated measuring and control components