Compression and Bending/Flexure Test Machine - Mega 6-3000-300 - Hylec Controls

Compression and Bending/Flexure Test Machine - Mega 6-3000-300

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Compression and Bending/Flexure Testing Machine MEGA 6

For the bending tensile strength tests etc. according to standards on:

  • concrete cubes
  • concrete cylinders
  • concrete drilling cores
  • natural stone specimens
  • concrete plates
  • concrete kerb stones
  • concrete paving stones
  • natural stone kerb stones
  • natural stone plates

Compression test machine frame in a very sturdy 4-column model with bending test area at the side. The bending test area is equipped with a double-action test cylinder and an electronic load cell which is insensitive to lateral force . The model complies with the requirements on the EN 12390-4 expansion cylinder.

  • EN ISO 7500-1
  • EN 12390-4
  • ASTM C 39
  • BS 1610
  • Quality Class 1
Sizes - Compression
  • 3000 kN
Sizes - Bending
  • 300 kN
Drive and Control
  • via the drive station AS-C20 N servo-hydraulic, automatic control
  • or
  • via the drive station AS-M10 semi-automatic, manual control.
Options and Accessories
  • inset for 4-point loading
  • set of pressure plates for the bending test area
  • bending table with adjustable pressure rollers
  • built-in tape printer
  • WinTrans data transmission software