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Compression Tester GBN2000Z

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The Compression Tester GBN2000Z stands as a precision instrument to meet the specifications of ASTM, GB, and other standards, addressing market demands for testing the compressive performance of cartons. Its role in assessing compression resistance is crucial for safeguarding contents during transportation and storage. Additionally, it serves as a guiding tool for packaging box manufacturers, aiding them in tailoring production to different contents. This tester holds professional significance in obtaining QS certification for food packaging.


  • Pressure Resistance, Deformation, and Stacking Tests Applicable to corrugated boxes, honeycomb boxes, and other packages.
  • Compression Tests Also suitable for plastic drums (edible oil, mineral water), paper drums, cartons, paper cans, and other containers.

Test Principle The test package is placed between the platens of the compression tester, undergoing compression while recording load and platen displacement until failure occurs or predetermined values for load or displacement are reached.


  • Standard Compliance ASTM D642, ASTM D4169, APPI T804, ISO 2872, ISO 12048, JIS Z0212
  • Technical Parameters
    • Test Range 20 KN
    • Valid Force Measure Range 0.04%~100%
    • Test Precision Within ±1% of the indicated value (level 1)
    • Force Resolution 0.001 N
    • Valid Test Space 800 mm×800 mm×800 mm
    • Test Speed Range 0~300 mm/min, CVT
    • Speed Precision Within ±1% of indicated value
    • Accuracy of Displacement Indication Within ±1% of indicated value
    • Dimensions 1250 mm×850 mm×1450 mm
    • Power 1000 W
    • Power Supply AC 220 V, 50 Hz
    • Weight 300 kg


  • Advanced Configuration and Technology
    • Built-in electronic clock for automatic date printing and real-time test time display.
    • Reserved computer interface for easy upgrade to computer measurement and control.
    • Test bench lifting device enables constant and variable speed impact.
    • Fully automatic control of the test process with load protection function.
    • Powerful data processing functions, including automatic calculation of average force value and deformation.
  • Intelligent Operating System
    • Flexible setting of test process parameters to ensure safety and data integrity.
    • Different levels of system operation authority can be set.
    • Intelligent statistical analysis supports standard deviation analysis of multiple data.

Application Details

  • Pressure Resistance, Deformation, Stacking Maximum crushing force and stacking tests for corrugated boxes, honeycomb boxes, and similar packages.
  • Compression Test Applicable for plastic barrels (edible oil, mineral water), paper barrels, cartons, and other containers.