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Coefficient of Friction Tester GM-6

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Experience unparalleled precision and reliability in friction coefficient measurement with the Coefficient of Friction Tester GM-6. This cutting-edge instrument adheres to various test standards, including GB, ISO, ASTM, ensuring it meets & exceeds market demands. The measured friction coefficient not only determines the smoothness and opening difficulty of films but also accurately assesses uniformity, providing crucial guidance for flawless production processes.

Key Features

  1. Versatile Testing Capabilities Measure static friction coefficient, dynamic friction coefficient, and peel strength of plastic films, composite films, aluminum foils, aluminised films, plates, rubber, ceramics, and more during sliding.

  2. Advanced Test Principle Clamp the strip test sample, wrap the slider with the sample, and position it on the sensor's hanging hole. Under controlled contact pressure, the motor-driven conveyor belt moves the force sensor, inducing relative motion between the two test surfaces. The force signal measured by the force sensor is amplified by the integrator and sent to the recorder, recording both kinetic and static friction coefficients.

  3. Standards Compliance Compliant with ISO 8295, ASTM D1894, TAPPI T816 standards.

Technical Specifications

  • COF Test Range: 0.001~0.999
  • Force Range: 0~9.8 N
  • Measurement Accuracy: ±0.5% FS
  • Resolution: 0.001
  • Sliding Speed: 0~500 mm/min
  • Stroke: 0~150 mm
  • Sample Thickness: ≤2 mm
  • Slider Size: 63 mm×63 mm (63.5 x 63.5 mm for American standard)
  • Slider Weight: 200 g±2 g
  • Work Platform Size: 180 mm×470 mm
  • Monitor: LCD
  • Instrument Size: 470 mm×340 mm×200 mm
  • Power: 100 W
  • Power Supply: AC 220 V, 50 Hz
  • Weight: 23 kg

Distinctive Features

  • Effortless Calibration Easily calibrate the force sensor with a special standard block for quick and convenient calibration.

  • Real-time Display The host features a liquid crystal display, providing real-time monitoring of static and dynamic friction coefficients.

  • User-friendly Software Supported by control software with a simple and clear interface for ease of operation.

  • Real-time Curve Display Observe real-time curves with the ability to zoom in for detailed analysis.

  • Automatic Protection The sensor's over-range automatic protection function ensures safe and efficient operation. The functional modular design facilitates easy maintenance.

  • Enhanced Stability Equipped with a standard rigid sleeve, the instrument allows for spring switching to effectively prevent slipping and sticking of viscous films.

Versatile Applications

  • Film Ideal for static friction coefficient and dynamic friction coefficient testing of plastic films and thin films.

  • Paper Suitable for dynamic and static friction coefficient testing of paper and cardboard.

  • Textiles, Non-woven Fabrics, Woven Bags Applicable for testing static friction coefficient and dynamic friction coefficient of textile, non-woven fabric, and woven bags.

  • Aluminum Foil, Aluminum Foil Composite Film, Metal Products Tailored for testing static friction coefficient and dynamic friction coefficient of aluminum foil, aluminum foil composite film, and metal products.

  • Printing Product Suitable for static friction coefficient and dynamic friction coefficient testing of printed matter.

Elevate your friction coefficient testing with the GM-6, setting new benchmarks in accuracy, functionality, and ease of use.