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Burst Tester (Mullen type)

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Introducing the Burst Tester Mullen Type: Accurate Bursting Resistance Testing for Paper and Corrugated Board

The Burst Tester Mullen Type is a specialised instrument designed to determine the bursting resistance of paper and corrugated board materials. With compliance to various standards including DIN EN ISO UNE 2758, DIN EN ISO UNE 2759, SCAN P25/P24, TAPPI T403/T807/T810, PAPTAC D19P/D8, BS 3137, and AP/AS 1301,403, this tester ensures accurate and reliable results.

Equipped with a range of standard features, the Burst Tester Mullen Type offers versatility and convenience. Users can select units of measurement in kPa, Kg/cm2, Bar, or PSI, catering to different requirements. The measurement range extends from 0 to 1500 kPa for paper and from 200 to 5000 kPa for board, covering a wide spectrum of materials and applications.

This instrument provides comprehensive statistical analysis with features such as maximum, minimum, average, and standard deviation calculations. Ensuring operational safety, it incorporates an operating security system and a pneumatic clamping system for efficient and reliable testing. The tests area is protected by an acrylic screen, adding an extra layer of safety during the testing process.

The Burst Tester Mullen Type is also compatible with the Labo Test Management System LYNX, facilitating seamless integration into your laboratory workflow. Additionally, the tester comes with the LYNX Burst Testing software at the basic level, enabling data acquisition and control for efficient testing procedures. A mini PC is included, ensuring a complete solution for data management.

Trust the Burst Tester Mullen Type to deliver accurate and precise bursting resistance testing for paper and corrugated board materials. Enhance quality control, comply with industry standards, and optimize material performance with this advanced testing instrument. 


Standard Features:

  • Units: in  kPa – Kg/cm2 – Bar & PSI
  • Measure range from:
    • Paper: from 0 to 1500 kPa
    • Board: from 200 to 5.000 kPa
  • Statistics: Max - Min, Average and Standard Deviation
  • Operating security system
  • Pneumatic operation of clamping system
  • Acrylic protection screen (tests area)
  • Compatible with the Labo Test Management System
  • LYNX Burst Testing software - basic level
  • Mini PC included (data acquisition and control)