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Bauer McNett Fibre classifer pulp testing

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The length of the fiber is a fundamental property of the pulp. The Bauer McNett Fibre Classifier consists of a series of classification tanks with a depth of 255mm, width 127mm and height 320mm, cascaded with 335cm² mesh. Vertically they have a shaker cylinder whose blades rotate at 580 rpm, near the end of the tank. This causes the fibers to suspend in each tank horizontally to the mesh and circulate in the tank. At the outlet of each mesh there is an overflow, which through a short tube leads to the next tank with finer meshes and at a slightly lower level. The flowmeter regulates the flow of water at 11.35 l / min to the first tank. The movement of the water keeps the fibers in suspension and presents them repeatedly in the mesh, which they will cross in the event that their size is twice less than the mesh opening.

With the meshes correctly placed in the tanks, open the water until the constant level overflows. The water supplied to the tanks must flow at 11,355 L / min. As soon as the last tank overflows, press the Agitation ON button and pour the prepared 3333 ml sample with 24 g of moisture-free pulp on top of the first tank for a period of 18 seconds.

The ON button will remain green while the stirring process is in progress. During this time, the drainage vessels will have filter paper inside that has been weighed and previously marked.

After the test (20 minutes according to TAPPI, 15 minutes according to SCAN), the agitators will stop automatically and the green light of the stir button will go out. Then cut off the water and as soon as the water stops overflowing through the last tank, press the vacuum button and the draining process will begin after the stirring process.

After the tank has been drained, finish emptying the tanks and carefully remove the meshes. Once the tanks are empty, press the vacuum OFF button. Then open the drainage vessels and remove the fiber filters by folding them in half into semicircles. Remove as much water as possible using a drainer, blotting paper, or a towel. Finally, dry the samples in an oven at 105 ° C until their weight is constant and then weigh each one on a precision balance with a resolution of 0.01 g.


  • Structure and classified units made of Stainless Steel
  • Quick opening closure for grading screens and drain cups
  • Control panel for agitation, vacuum, time and equipment on / off
  • Vacuum pump to accelerate draining at the end of the test
  • Standard Meshes: ASTM 16/30/50/100/200 (Other meshes on request)
  • Manufactured with 4 or 5 classified units
  • Flow: 11,355 l / min
  • Includes flow meter to regulate the water flow
  • Security enclosure of the test area, to eliminate possible
  • Damage to the operator and reduction of the noise level
  • Includes hose for subsequent cleaning of the equipment
  • Automatic process controlled by a timer


  • POWER SUPPLY: 220V/60Hz o 380V/50Hz triásica
  • DIMENSIONS OF TRANSPORT PACKAGING: CF-04 model: 2090 x 1190 x 2010 mm (Width x Depth x Height)
  • CF-05 model: 2400 x 1190 x 2060 mm (Width x Depth x Height)
  • GROSS WEIGHT (Wood packaging with phytosanitary treatment): CF-04 model: 555 Kg. CF-05 model: 655 Kg.