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Battery Pack and Module Flip Tester

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Battery Pack and Module Flip Tester

Battery Module and Pack tests evaluate the battery performance, safety mechanisms, cooling systems, and internal heating characteristics. 

Tests are also conducted to evaluate the electronic components and systems attached to the battery, such as the battery management systems (BMS), connected wires, sensors, and battery fuses. 


Can complete the flip test of various power batteries for automobiles, including lead acid, nickel hydrogen, lithium ion, zinc air, super capacitor, etc.


Meet the requirements of GB/T31467.3, ISO12405 and other standard battery pack flip test.




Maximum test weight


Internal Size (W*D*H)


External Size (W*D*H)


Rotation angle


Control precision


Spinning speed

Adjustable from 1°/s to 12°/s, default 6°/s

Speed control accuracy


Direction of rotation

X-axis, Y-axis, free to switch

Control way

On-site touch screen (independent control cabinet) + remote PC control

Flip platform size

2500*1500*100mm (can be customized)

Equipment structure

open type

Alarm function

Foldable three-color lamp, abnormal operation alarm

Protective function

Upper and lower limit protection, foolproof function, safety fence, ladder

Equipment material

Channel steel + cold-rolled steel plate, painted, color is standard warm gray 1C (color can be customized)

Ground bearing

Requires solid ground, bearing 1T/m3

Power supply



Risk Disclaimer for Supplying Battery Testing Equipment

Battery testing involves inherent risks and can be hazardous. All testing equipment should only be operated by qualified and trained personnel who understand the risks involved and how to mitigate them. Before operating, it is important to read and understand the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines. Failure to do so could result in serious injury or death.

By operating the battery test equipment, you acknowledge that you understand and assume the risks involved in battery testing, including but not limited to: electric shock, moving parts, heat, fire, noise, chemicals, explosion and other potential hazards. You also acknowledge that you are responsible for wearing appropriate safety equipment, such as protective clothing, helmets, goggles, earplugs, and gloves.

You understand that the use of battery test equipment may result in injury, disability, or death, and that you release the manufacturer, seller, and any related parties from any and all liability for any damages or injuries that may occur as a result of operating the equipment.

By operating battery test equipment, you acknowledge that you have read and understand this risk disclaimer and that you assume all risks associated with operating the equipment.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the operation of the equipment, please consult with a qualified professional before use.

Thank you for your attention to this important safety information.