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Automatic Magnetic Particle Testing System for Railway Wheels

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Automatic magnetic particle testing system for Railway Wheels

  • An Automatic System for Defect Detection on Train Wheels during Magnetic Inspection
  • NDT testing; Non-contact method

High safety standards required in the management of railroad lines demand the inspection of train wheels directly after production in order to detect the presence of surface cracks that could seriously affect the integrity of the train, and therefore passenger’s safety.

During the magnetic inspection of train wheel, the surface is scanned by digital camera. The recorded pictures are promptly evaluated of our proposed image processing algorithm. Whole surface and different sizes of train wheels can be inspected.

System overview:
The Automatic Magnetic Particle Testing System was developed for surface defect detection on train wheels. The main goal was to develop a highly reliable system based on image processing algorithms that provides a warning of surface flaws in order to prevent possible future accidents.

The system is based on magnetic inspection where the train wheel is put into the magnetic field and the cracks cause a magnetic stray field. By this technique; the cracks are visible and can be easily recorded using a high speed digital camera.