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Adhesive Tape Roller GX-Y2

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The GX-Y2 Adhesive Tape Roller is a precision experimental device meticulously developed and manufactured by GBPI R&D Team, in accordance with GB, JIS, and other standard requirements, responding to market demands. It is designed for testing the binding fastness of the printing ink layer in plastic films and cellophane decorative prints (including composite film prints) produced through the gravure printing process. Additionally, it evaluates the adhesion state of surface layers formed by vacuum coating, surface coating, compounding, and related processes.

Test Principle: The test involves adhering cellophane tape meeting standards to the treated sample ink's printed surface, applying standard load, rolling speed, and rolling times. After a designated period, the sample is subjected to peeling with a specific pressure and peeling speed. The subsequent observation and measurement of the ink layer's peeled condition allow for judgment and analysis of the bonding fastness of the printed ink layer.

Standard Compliance: GBT 7706, GB/T 7707, JIS C2107, JIS Z0237

Technical Parameters:

  • Rolling Speed: 0~600 mm/min
  • Roller Load: 20 N±0.5 N
  • Rolling Times: 1~999999 times
  • Roller Diameter: 84 mm
  • Roller Width: 45 mm
  • Dimension: 440 mm×400 mm×200 mm
  • Power: 350 W
  • Weight: 20 kg
  • Power Supply: AC 220V, 50 Hz


  • Advanced Configuration, Advanced Technology:
    • The host is equipped with a color touch screen, facilitating user-friendly test operations.
    • Fully automatic operation, one-button operation, automatic shutdown, ensuring simplicity and convenience.
    • Utilizes high-precision ball screw parts for stable operation, ensuring a long lifespan, excellent long-term stability, and energy efficiency.
    • Adjustable running speed and running times to meet different standard requirements.
    • The quality of the pressure roller, attached rubber thickness, and hardness are designed in strict accordance with national standards, effectively ensuring test data accuracy and versatility.


  • Plastic Printing Materials: Suitable for testing the bonding fastness of printing ink layers on plastic film and cellophane decorative prints (including composite film printed products) produced through the gravure printing process.