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Abrasion Tester - Hylec Controls
Abrasion Tester - Hylec Controls

Abrasion Tester

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The Abrasion Tester was developed in full compliance with ASTM D5963 and ISO4649 test standards.

Introducing the Abrasion Tester: Precision Wear Testing for Soft and Elastic Materials

In industries where soft and elastic materials, such as tires, belts, conveyor belts, and shoe soles, play a vital role, understanding the volume and weight loss caused by abrasion is crucial. That's where the Abrasion Tester comes into play, offering a comprehensive solution for wear testing and evaluation.

Designed to provide accurate and reliable results, the Abrasion Tester employs a specialised process to assess the wear characteristics of various materials. The testing procedure involves horizontally or rotationally grinding a sample under a specified force against a rotating shaft tube lined with friction paper. This controlled friction simulates real-world wear conditions, allowing for a precise evaluation of the material's resistance to abrasion.

To further enhance the testing capabilities, the Abrasion Tester is equipped with a drum heating device. This innovative feature enables the simulation of high-temperature wear scenarios, mimicking the conditions in which materials like rubber experience wear. By subjecting samples to elevated temperatures during the abrasion process, the tester provides a comprehensive assessment of the material's performance under challenging thermal conditions.

With the Abrasion Tester, manufacturers, researchers, and quality control professionals can gain valuable insights into the wear characteristics of soft and elastic materials. By understanding how these materials perform under friction and elevated temperatures, industries can optimise product formulations, enhance durability, and ensure compliance with rigorous standards. Trust in the precision and reliability of the Abrasion Tester to support your efforts in delivering high-quality, long-lasting materials for a wide range of applications.

Technical Data:

Dimensions of the test piece Ø16 mm x 6 mm to Ø16 mm x 15 mm
Span length of the test piece Maximum 13 mm
Clamping force of test piece (standard) 2.5 N; 5.0 N; 7.5 N; 10.0 N
Abrasion path / rotations of the roller 20 m / 42 R (rotations) - 40 m / 84 R
Speed of rotating test piece 0.9 RPM
Speed of roller 40 RPM
Feed 4.2 mm/R
Peripheral speed 0.32 m/s
Angle of inclination of sample holder
Roller diameter 150 mm
Roller width 460 mm