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4-Poster Vehicle NVH Test System

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4-Poster Vehicle NVH Test System

our 4-Poster Test System makes NVH testing accessible in your engineering lab. With features like configurable controls and independent actuator motion, you can strengthen your engineering process for a higher-quality manufactured product.


Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) testing is an essential procedure for vehicles during the design and development phase. This test reveals any buzzing, squeaking, vibrations, and rattling in a product design.

Manufacturers need to be aware of these noises for regulatory and health reasons. Governing bodies like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have limits on sound levels to reduce noise pollution and prevent the health issues that come with excess noise. On the manufacturing end, extreme vibration or noise can signal structural integrity problems that affect the vehicle’s longevity.

With the rise of electric vehicles, NVH testing is even more essential to automotive manufacturing. Loud engine noises often cover up squeaks, rattling, and other vehicle sounds, but electric vehicles are much quieter and reveal new noises to drivers. This form of NVH testing is often referred to as buzz, squeak, and rattle testing.


  • Configurations for passenger cars and light trucks
  • Low-profile actuator design
  • Hydrostatic bearings for high moment capacity and long life
  • Numerous control configurations
  • Independently controlled actuator motion
  • Compact footprint for each individual actuator


  • Squeak and Rattle / NVH Testing of Full Vehicles
  • End-of-Line Squeak and Rattle Testing
  • Reproduction of Test Track Data
  • Vehicle Durability Testing