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4-Column Type Concrete Compression (Press) Test Machine BCO-C3000/ST

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4-Column Type Concrete Compress (Press) Test Machine BCO-C3000/ST

Introducing the BESMAK BCO-C Series 4 Column Type Concrete Compression Test Machine, a reliable and efficient solution for conducting accurate compression tests on concrete specimens. The BCO-C3000/ST model, with its fully automatic hydraulic operation and 3000 kN capacity, is designed to meet the highest industry standards including EN 12390-3, EN 12390-4, BS 1881, ASTM C39, and ISO 7500-1.

This machine ensures precise and reliable test results, with accuracy conforming to ISO 7500-1 class 1, EN 12390-4, and ASTM C39 standards. It is specifically designed for testing concrete samples, including 150x150x150 mm and 200x200x200 mm cubes, as well as 100x200 mm and 150x300 mm cylindrical samples.

The BCO-C Series features a rigid load frame constructed with four columns, providing stability and durability during testing. The columns are securely screwed to the machine's foot and head, eliminating any play or movement. The foot and head of the machine are cut from solid materials, and all bearing surfaces are precisely machined to ensure optimal performance.

The compact frame of the machine consists of upper and lower platens. Both platens are machined on all sides, hardened, and face grinded for enhanced durability. The upper platen is spherically seated, allowing for an inclination of up to 3° to ensure homogenous loading. The lower platen is marked for easy centring of both cubes and cylinders.

The test cylinder in this machine is single-acting and cut from solid material, eliminating the need for screwing in the bottom. Distance plates of various sizes (10mm, 20mm, 50mm, 80mm) are included for accommodating different sample sizes. The piston is hardened and micro-finished, ensuring reliable and precise load application. Piston stroke limitation is achieved through end switches, while a sheet steel piston protection guards against dirt and debris.

For added safety, the BCO-C Series includes a security door fixed at the rear of the frame, which can be opened and closed at the front. The machine operates only when the door is securely closed, thanks to an electrical safety switch. This ensures operator safety during testing procedures.

The BESMAK BCO-C3000/ST Concrete Compression Test Machine is a complete package that includes the BCO-C3000/FR frame and the BCO-PS400/ST power pack. With a weight of 1600 kg and dimensions of 500 x 675 x 1310 mm, it offers a robust and compact design suitable for various testing environments.

Invest in the BESMAK BCO-C Series 4 Column Type Concrete Compression Test Machine for accurate and efficient compression testing of concrete specimens. With its advanced features, precise measurements, and durable construction, this machine is the ideal choice for quality control, research, and construction projects.