Advanced Solutions for Infrastructure Testing

A Look at Groundbreaking Technologies from Transient Technologies, Kontur, and Dynatest

Hylec Controls is proud to highlight innovative products from three renowned brands—Transient Technologies, Kontur, and Dynatest. These innovative quality, test equipment solutions are available through our website, tailored to meet diverse industry needs, ensuring precise control, reliable testing and unmatched performance.

Transient Technologies, based in Ukraine, specialises in manufacturing ground-penetrating radars (GPR) used for surveying sites with underground objects. Their range of GPRs are employed by civil engineers, archaeologists, forensics, and damage prevention experts for various applications including pipeline leak detection, ground structure assessments in quarries, permafrost area analysis, groundwater level mapping, and more.

Kontur, located in Norway, develops and manufactures innovative Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology. Their AIR GPR sensor enables high-speed 3-dimensional subsurface assessments. The GROUND GPR sensor enables mapping and detecting both shallow and deep subsurface objects and structures, while the DEEP GPR sensor is ideal for understanding deeper ground layers, making it suitable for utility mapping, sinkhole detection, void identification, and other deeper subsurface structure analysis.

Dynatest, headquartered in Denmark, stands as a premier provider of cutting-edge pavement testing equipment. Their extensive range includes deflectometers, road surface profilers, slip friction testers, and heavy vehicle simulators, tailored for application on roads, ports and airport runways. By obtaining precise and reliable test data, engineers worldwide can effectively assess the condition of pavements, facilitating informed decision-making regarding maintenance and construction plans.

"We are thrilled to partner with these esteemed suppliers, whose innovative products are set to revolutionise infrastructure testing in Australia and New Zealand," commented Graeme Campbell, Managing Director of Hylec Controls.

"Civil engineers, mining, and geotechnical experts, as well as those involved in runway and highway construction and preventative maintenance, can now benefit from cutting-edge solutions that ensure precise testing, reliable data acquisition, and unparalleled performance. These partnerships underscore our commitment to providing the best-in-class, test equipment to our customers, empowering our customers to build and maintain safe and resilient infrastructure for the future."

These brands are at the forefront of technology and innovation in their respective fields. Hylec Controls is thrilled to offer their products, whether you require precise materials testing, dynamic data acquisition, or pavement analysiswe have the solution for you.

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