Modern methods for testing the integrity of packaging products & materials

Packaging integrity is a critical aspect for consumer product manufacturers, ensuring that their goods remain safeguarded from environmental damage, contamination, and transportation-related mishaps. Acknowledging the significance of this process, Hylec Controls, a leading provider of testing solutions, is proud to present modern testing methods to validate packaging products and materials.

Manufacturers exploring material changes, cost-cutting initiatives, environmentally friendly alternatives, or introducing new packaging materials can benefit immensely from a clear understanding of industry standards and the relevant tests to ensure their packaging meets the highest quality benchmarks.

Hylec Controls highlights an array of computerised test machines that offer comprehensive testing capabilities

  • Friction and Peel Testers. These machines determine the static and kinetic co-efficiency of films, sheeting, paper, and cardboard, while also performing tensile testing on films and packing tapes.
  • Compression Test Machines. Designed to evaluate the strength of corrugated fibreboard, containers, and cartons, ensuring robust packaging solutions.
  • Torque Testing Machines. Used to measure the force required to unscrew caps and lids, guaranteeing secure and user-friendly packaging.
  • Vibration Testers. These devices assess the potential damage caused during transportation to containers, cartons, and their contents, aiding in optimising packaging designs for enhanced durability.
  • Oxygen and Water Vapor Testers. These testers evaluate the permeability of various film and container types, ensuring that the product remains fresh and unspoiled.

"Hylec Controls takes immense pride in offering a diverse range of packaging test machines suitable for products of varying sizes, from a simple packet of ibuprofen to an entire pallet of beer," said Graeme Campbell, Managing Director at Hylec Controls.

Stay ahead of the competition by leveraging Hylec Controls' cutting-edge testing solutions, ensuring your packaging meets the highest standards of integrity and performance. For more information, visit

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