Hylec Controls' Range of Test Equipment for Civil Engineering

Hylec Controls offers a comprehensive range of test equipment tailored for the civil engineering industry.
This includes, but is not limited to:-

Material Testing Equipment
Tensile testing machines
Compression testing machines
Universal testing machines
Hardness testers
    Structural Testing Equipment
    Structural testing systems
    Dynamic testing machines
    Structural health monitoring equipment
      Geotechnical Testing Equipment
      Soil testing machines
      Triaxial testing systems
      Consolidation testing equipment
        Concrete Testing Equipment
        Concrete compression machines
        Concrete mixers and testing tools
        Non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment for concrete
          Asphalt Testing Equipment
          Asphalt mix testing machines
          Marshall stability testers
          Asphalt pavement analysers
            Environmental Testing Equipment
            Weathering and environmental chambers
            Corrosion testing equipment
            Accelerated aging testing machines
              Instrumentation and Data Acquisition
              Data acquisition systems
              Strain gauges and sensors
              Instrumentation for monitoring and analysis
                Safety Testing Equipment
                Electrical safety testing equipment
                  Advanced Testing Solutions
                  Advanced technology for non-destructive testing
                  High-performance testing machines for specialised applications
                  Customised testing solutions based on project requirements
                    Training and Consultation Services
                    Training programs on equipment usage and best practices
                    Consultation services for selecting the right testing equipment for specific projects
                      Hylec Controls aims to provide a comprehensive suite of solutions to meet the diverse testing needs of civil engineering projects, ensuring the integrity, safety, and performance of materials and structures.

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