Hylec Controls introduces advanced hydrostatic & burst test machines

With Automated Transducer Measurement for Enhanced Plastic Pipes & Hoses Design and Installation

Hylec Controls Introduces Advanced Hydrostatic & Burst Test Machines with Automated Transducer Measurement for Enhanced Plastic Pipe Design and Installation.

Hylec Controls, a renowned provider of innovative testing solutions, is delighted to unveil its latest Hydrostatic Pressure Test Machines & Burst Test Machines featuring automated transducer measurement capabilities. These cutting-edge machines revolutionise the measurement of burst strength and fatigue rating for plastic pipes and hoses, ensuring compliance with international standards. Specifically designed for the manufacturing, university researchers, NATA labs, and mining industries, these machines offer enhanced safety, accuracy, and efficiency.

Traditionally, the burst strength of plastic pipes and hoses has been assessed through static tests, where pressure is gradually increased until failure occurs. With Hylec Controls' Hydrostatic & Burst Test Machines, a new era begins by introducing automated transducer measurement of longitudinal and radial expansion during testing. This groundbreaking innovation provides invaluable insights into hose behaviour under pressure, aiding in the design of fittings, attachments, and hose layouts for specific installations.

Key Features of Hylec Controls' Hydrostatic Pressure Test Machines:

  • Accurate Measurement of Expansion - Equipped with advanced transducers, these machines precisely measure the longitudinal and radial expansion of hoses during testing. This data is crucial for assessing the performance and suitability across various applications, enabling engineers to make informed design decisions.
  • Comprehensive Testing Capabilities - Hylec Controls' Hydrostatic & Burst Test Machines can perform both static and cyclic tests, offering a comprehensive evaluation of hose integrity and fatigue rating. The machines utilise a high-pressure pump, pneumatic accumulator, and solenoid valves to precisely control the pressure applied to precisely control the applied pressure.
  • Immersion Testing for Safety - To ensure safety during testing, the article under test is immersed in a water tank, minimising the risks associated with potential failures. This approach enhances the overall reliability and accuracy of the test results, providing peace of mind to users.
  • Compliance with International Standards - Hylec Controls' Hydrostatic Pressure Test Machines adhere to U.S. and European standards for measuring burst strength and fatigue rating. By using these machines, businesses can confidently verify their products' pressure ratings and comply with industry regulations.

"We are excited to highlight our advanced Hydrostatic Pressure Test Machines with automated transducer measurement capabilities," said Graeme Campbell, Managing Director at Hylec Controls. "By accurately measuring the longitudinal and radial expansion of hoses during testing, our machines provide invaluable data for engineers and designers, enabling them to optimise fittings, attachments, and pipe layouts. We are confident that this innovation will greatly benefit our customers in enhancing pipe performance and ensuring reliable installations."

Hylec Controls has a proven track record of delivering cutting-edge testing solutions and excellent customer service. With a commitment to providing reliable products and technical expertise, the company has become a trusted partner for businesses and institutions worldwide.

For more information about Hylec Controls' Hydrostatic Pressure Test Machines with automated transducer measurement, and other testing solutions, please visit www.hyleccontrols.com.au or contact (02) 9645 4777.

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