Extraction of a 2007 MEGA compression / flex test machine for refurbishment and a New Lab!

We recently visited a laboratory to assist in the removal of their 2007 Mega compression/flex test machine. Due to limited access, our expert, Damian Langley, was dispatched to the location to disassemble the machine as much as possible, given that it weighs 2000kg. The confined entrance prevented the use of a forklift, so the machine had to be carefully manoeuvred on dollies within the room. Once outside, a crane was brought in to load the machine onto a semi-truck.

This machine, once considered decommissioned, is now enroute to Hylec Controls lab for a comprehensive refurbishment. This refurbishment will include the installation of a new pump, servicing all valves, flushing the entire system, replacing Perspex panels, addressing paintwork issues, changing hydraulic seals, and subjecting the machine to detailed automated tests for final operating approvals.

Upon completion, this 2007 Mega compression/flex machine will be transferred to another laboratory that continues to recognise the true value of this high-quality Form+Test test system, manufactured in Germany.

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