Discover the Perfect Actuator Solution - Low Friction & Zero Leakage!

Haenchen is now offering servo actuator users the perfect combination of benefits! You can now enjoy both low friction and zero leakage, providing an unprecedented solution. Previously, customers had to choose between a hydrostatic bearing actuator with no seals, resulting in zero friction and infinite life but suffering from high internal and rod leakage, or an actuator with low friction and plastic composition seals, offering zero leakage, zero stick friction, and low dynamic friction, which increased with load or supply pressure.

The issue with low friction static seals was the backup energising o-ring that increased friction and wear on the seal and moving surface due to internal pressure pushing the seal against the rod or barrel.

But Haenchen has successfully addressed this challenge by introducing a unique two-piece seal with carbon fibers for backup and a plastic wear surface. This innovative design creates a rigid seal that prevents backup pressure from pushing against the moving surface, resulting in consistent dynamic friction and wear, regardless of pressure. The outcome is a cost-effective, long-lasting, low-friction actuator without any leakage.

With this groundbreaking solution, customers no longer need to face the difficult choice between hydrostatic bearings without seals or actuators with seals. Moreover, Haenchen has further enhanced the appeal of this design by simplifying the installation procedure for the seal. Now, you can experience the best of both worlds effortlessly!

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